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New Year Party

I am Sanjay Jain; I would like to share my experience of what happened on the New Year night with all.

This 31st Night I was invited to a friends place for a private party. I called my girlfriend Riya to join me for the party. My friend Sunil and his girl Sunita were the hosts, I know them for nearly a year and they are into sex a lot and experiment with everything, swapping, threesomes, orgies etc. Knowing them I had some idea of what the party would be and was very excited about it.

Riya and I have been going around or I should say screwing for nearly 6 months and though we both had lovers before but during this period we never cheated. We both shared fantasies of threesomes but never really got the opportunity. Riya is a sexy girl with a figure of 34-24-36 and is very beautiful. We reached Sunil's place at around 9 PM, there was another couple who m sunita introduced us as Rahul & Neeta, we started with some drinks and then the fourth couple came - Anil and Priya whom I knew. Sunita introduced all of us and said that we were having a small group, as we could all know each other well. She then said that since it was new years eve we should forget all inhibitions and enjoy the party to welcome the New Year.
She then started the music and said there were certain rules to the dancing, for this evening no one can dance with his girlfriend. we have to keep changing partners to know them better . I started my first dance with Sunita; all during this time drinks were flowing and as all the girls drank, it helped to make us feel comfortable and lose our inhibitions.

The next dance was slow and we had to hold our partners close, I was with Neeta and Riya was with Sunil. Neeta didn't seem to mind my holding her close and was grinding into me, seeing Riya with Sunil so close was giving me a hardon and I was feeling a bit uncomfortable as I was sure Neeta would feel it, but to my surprise Neeta got more excited and seemed to rub her pussy into me. The next dance was hotter and I was with Priya, I felt we all were getting hot and losing inhibitions with the drinks and dancing. I was grinding my cock into Priya's pussy and she was responding, everyone was enjoying and no one minded their girlfriend or boyfriend have fun with someone else.

When it was 11. 59 Sunita said -In one minute it will be new year and I am shutting off the lights and to welcome the New year have fun with your partner for one minute - saying this she kissed her partner Anil and shut off the lights. I saw the opportunity and started kissing Priya, as my lips touched her we both got so hot that we could not stop and soon our tongues were exploring each others mouths, my hands went to her boobs and squeezed them through her shirt, she did not seem to mind and was enjoying it and a moan escaped her lips. She then found my cock and rubbed it, as everyone was busy fingering the lights came on Sunita was holding Anil's cock while his hands were in her t shirt announced: "HAPPY NEW YEAR."

We danced for some more time and then broke up for a break. Sunil then asked if we wanted to play some games, we all agreed. Sunita asked what game we should play and Sunil said Strip poker . Everybody was quiet, most of us were eager and excited about it but were not courageous enough to admit it. Sunita then asked if any body had any objection and nobody seemed to object.

She then laid down the rules, every girl was to have four items of clothing and every guy three. As the cards would be distributed the person getting the smallest number was to remove an item of clothing and also perform an act for which two stacks of card were kept one for girls and another for guys.

The seating was one guy and one girl and sunita made sure no girl sat next to her boyfriend. The game started, first to lose was sunita and she promptly removed her shirt to display a sexy black lace bra barely covering her 36 size boobs, she then picked a card, which said - kiss the guy to your left for 30 secs -. I was to her left and she held my head and started kissing and exploring my mouth with her tongue, I could not hold and responded with equal frenzy, next I lost and removed my shirt and had to kiss neeta who was to my left. Things progressed almost equally with all the girls loosing their tops to display sexy bras and every one had been kissed, Sunil & Sunita made sure the drinks were flowing which helped us to keep our inhibitions low.

Next Sunil lost his trousers to display a small underwear and large hardon, he had to kiss riyas boobs through her bra, riya was nervous and looked at me, I smiled and encouraged her, Sunil proceeded to lick her nipples and both seemed to enjoy. Then neeta lost and she decided to remove her short skirt to display a small semitransparent panty and she had to play with herself for 30 secs, she seemed to be quite hot and willingly put her fingers into her panty and started playing with her cunt, while we enjoyed seeing her do it and encouraged her, she was enjoying herself and when it seemed like she would come, sunita said , - stop time up.

Next I lost and had to remove my trousers and had to lick sunita's nipples which I enjoyed more probable as I was doing so in front of so many people including my girl and her boyfriend. Things were heating up as most of the girls were now in their lace panties and hot, a wet patch could easily be noticed on the panties. Sunil was the first to get naked and had to play with himself to the delight of all the girls. Next Neeta lost and removed her short panty to reveal a nicely trimmed cunt, she had to kiss the girl opposite her and squeeze her bobs, as Priya was opposite her they both did a good job encouraged by all of us.

Riya lost next and removed her panty to reveal her clean shaven pussy, she had to suck the cock of the guy to her right which was Anil, she willingly did so with my encouragement and the enjoyment of all three of us. Next I got naked and had to lick Neeta's pussy, I was horny and made neeta spread her legs and started licking her dripping cunt, she started moaning and I was stopped when I felt she would come. We were all nude shortly and really hot, it was quite a sight of 4 horny and hard cocks and four dripping cunts. In the next step Anil had to rub his cock on riya's pussy and insert it slightly, both Anil and riya were pushing towards each other to get it in fully while sunita was stopping them.

Next Riya lost and had to hold her boyfriends - that is my cock and insert it into Neeta's mouth and then into her pussy, as she held it and pushed my cock into Neeta's mouth neeta gobbled it and started sucking it hard. Riya then removed it and made Neeta spread her legs, then she spread neetas cunt with one hand and shoved my cock into her cunt with the other, this got me so hot that I pushed it fully and started fucking Neeta properly holding her boobs. Sunita asked us to stop but both of us were too hot to stop and were fucking wildly, seeing this Neeta's boyfriend Rahul took Riya laid her down and entered her, which riya willingly accepted.

Soon every one was fucking each others girlfriend, as I was fucking neeta I saw sunita's cunt open as she was sucking anils cock, so I changed position to make neeta sit on my cock and made sunita put her cunt on my face and lick Anil's cock.

We changed partners and while I was sucking Priya's cunt sunita took my cock and fucked it and as I was going to cum she removed my cock and made me spurt all the cum on her face and tongue, seeing my cum on sunita's face Riya started licking my cum off Sunita's face and they got into a hot kiss sharing my cum.

The fucking, sucking and licking continued, When I fucked priya and sprayed my cum all over and inside her cunt, neeta came forward and licked her cunt clean of my cum. Seeing these two girls kiss and lick cunt made me hot again and I went after sunita. We continued fucking and sucking till about 4 am and each of us would have cum at least 5 to 6 times, we then slept nude entangled with each other.

We all woke up the next afternoon, seeing four nude girls in broad daylight made us all horny and hard again, though our cocks were too sore to fuck again, we kissed and fingered the girls and had bath dressed, we then wished each other and thanked Sunil & Sunita, promising to meet again for another party shortly.


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