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Harkishan Lal was growing old. He was now nearing seventy. He had started feeling that his herbs were loosing to have their effect on him. But, the Rupa episode had created a insatiable hunger of cunt in him. It became an unbearable situation. Growing sexual dysfunction accompanied by growing yearning for pussy. He took an unusual decision. At this age he decided to remarry. Rupa had once said to him in heat of sexual frenzy:

"Abe, Vaidyaraaj kahlaataa hai, par sochtaa shaayad lund se hai, dimaagh se nahin?"

But this is what was happening to him.

With the good offices of the Zamindaar, Thakur Daman Singh, he found a girl. The Thakur was feeling very much obliged to him and wanted to pay back in kind. She was the daughter of one of his friend from a neighboring village.

Aditi was in her mid twenties. She had become a widow within six months of her marriage. She was not exactly a beauty queen, but was surely a "khaaee kheli" raand (experienced widow). She was slightly educated, was in good health. What had clinched the match when he saw her at Daman Singh's Haveli (Imposing court) were her undulating, full buttocks, with matching bust, facing the opposite direction. She had, large black eyes set in a fair, very fair complexioned face. And, she appeared to be reconciled to the prospect of a second marriage to a man of his age. It turned out later on that she heard stories of his prowess in the bed. May be she had also heard that his age was no bar to bed.

It was a simple marriage. It was not clear why, but Harkishan Lal did not think it fit to discuss the matter with his son, Kunal Lal, who was somewhere in the South. May be he had some apprehension that Kunal might create problems regarding division of property.

After the marriage party returned with bride, there was a reception at the Haveli of Thakur Daman Singh. He had invited a Paturiyaa (Dancing girl). Chhammo, the Paturiyaa, presented a dance that was according to the rural tradition meant to excite sexual passions "Mhaare Banne kaa to Sakhat hai re Dandaa (Our groom has a solid rod)".

The dance had, naturally, an electrifying effect on Harkishan Lal. But what no one could have guessed was that, sitting behind a thin curtain, amongst the women and girls of the village, it also had a tremendous effect on Aditi. She was secretly watching Harkishan Lal. She guessed from his uneasy, changing postures that he was aroused. She felt satisfied.

When they reached back, Aditi was waiting for Harkishan Lal to pounce upon her. And that is what he did. Aditi had no idea that her husband had given leave to domestic help that day.

"Arre, kyaa kartein hain ji, ghar mein Naukar-chaakar hain (Oh, what are you doing? There are servants in the house)"

"Nahin jaan, aaj sab ki chhuttee hai. Aaj to ghar mein bas choot mein moosal ki aawaaz goonjegi (No, darling. Today everyone is on leave. Today you would hear in the house only the sound of the club in the cunt)"

"Kaisee baatein karte hain ji? Koi sunegaa to kyaa kahegaa (How do you talk? What if anyone was to hear?)"

"Kaun sunegaa? Dekho, aaj se jab bhi ghar mein hum donon ke alaawaa aur koi nahin hogaa to aise hi bolnaa hogaa. Tumhein aataa hai naa (Who is going to hear? And listen, today onwards when there is no one else in the house besides us, you will have to speak like this)"

Aditi was tickled to the core, but she had to be careful. She blushed. But she could not help. All this while Harkishan Lal was not idle. His hand had been playing with his cock. He wanted to impress Aditi. Before he finished his sentence, his hand caught hold of Aditi's waist and pulled her to his chest. He pressed her to him in such a way that she may feel his erection. Aditi did not miss it. Harkishan Lal's hand slipped to her buttocks. This is what attracted her to him. He started kneading them from outside the ghaaghraa. Aditi was conscious of her assets and always used them to her best advantage. She Ahh, oohed, and shifted her weight from one leg to the other, making her buttocks ripple in his palms. He went wild and did what Aditi wanted him to. He lifted her ghaaghraa up. He did not find any other piece of clothing.

"Ah . . . h . . .h . . .h"

"Oh . . . m . . . e . . .rri jaan, aaj se ghaaghre ke niche kuchh bhi pahenanaa bund, aaj ki tarah. Hameshaa nange chootar hi meray haath mein aane chaahiyein (Oh, darling, today onwards, wearing anything under the skirt is prohibited. Always, my hands should encounter only naked buttocks)"

"Yeh bhi koi dhauns hai? Meray hain, jaise marzi rakkhoon (Is it some threat? These are mine, I can keep them as I like)" she tried to incite him.

"Kyaa cheese hai, meri jaan, kyaa hai yeh (What is this darling, what is this)?" and he dug his nails into her buttocks.

"Achchhaa, ab chhoro, main thak gayee, mujhe letane do (All right now leave me alone, I am tired, let me lie down)"

"Jannu, letanaa to hai hi raat bhar, pahle bataao iskaa naam kyaa hai (Darling, of course we have to lie down the whole night, but first tell me what is this)?"

"Chootar" she tried to be as coy as possible.

He dug his nails deeper into her buttocks with excitement and asked further:

"Inhein chootar kyon kahte hain, jaanti ho [Why are they called chootar (Buttocks) do you know)?"

"Jaao bhi, tum bahot who ho (Leave it now, you are very . . .)"

"Nahin jaan bataao (No, darling, tell me)"

She waited for a few moments to underline her coyness, and then, hiding her face in his chest, she said:

"Kyonki yeh choot kaa gaddaa hain (Because these are the cushion of cunt)"

He was over-joyed to hear her answer. Her gestures of shyness were even more killing. He could not control himself any further and threw away his clothes and attacked Aditi. She wanted to test the waters today, rather than take the matters in her hands, literally. But he did compel her to take the `matters' in her hands!

The matter in hand was warm, hard, and throbbing. She led him to the bed with his `matter'. In no time he made her as naked as he already was. Now he was mesmerised by her boobs. These were full, but there was a hint of a droop due to their own weight. It appeared that ripe beil (wood-apple) fruit had become slightly mellow. The nipples were tight, longish, and brown. It appeared that the cake had a topping of light chocolate. Her breathing was deep and the boobs were rising and falling in a very mind-boggling way. He could not control himself. He sat on her chest and put his cock in the center of the two globes. He had never before fucked in between the boobs. To day he wanted to do it. He put his palms on the side of both the breasts and pressed them towards the cock, but he failed. Her breasts did not render to such manipulation much. They were not sufficiently loose to press on the cock from the sides. On the one hand he was frustrated, but on the other he was joyed! Her boobs were so tight.!!

"Jaan tere doodh to bare sakht hain, kyaa kabhi istemaal nahin kiye (Darling your breasts are very tight, did you never use them?)"

"Kaun kartaa, bachche hon to doodh piyein (Who could, if their were children, they would have suckled)". Ab tum kar lo (Now you do it)"

And she pressed his mouth on one breast. When he started suckling, she took his other hand and placed it on the nipple of the other breast.

"Pee le munnaa, pee le (Drink, baby drink)"

Saying this she opened her thighs and pressed his buttocks in a vice like grip. He could not restrain himself further. Shifting his body, her came on her. But she stopped him. Now she also threw away all restraint.

"Nahin, tum zaraa neeche hi raho, aaj meraa khel dekho (No, today you remain under me and watch my game)".

She looked into his eyes and said:

"Aaj tak toonein chhoti, chhoti laundiyon ko chodaa hai, ab zaraa ek aurat ki chudai dekh. Dekh ke tayyaar, khuli, bhookhi choot lund ko kaise khaati hai (Till today you have fucked small girls. Now see how a woman fucks. See, how a ready, open, hungry cunt eats up a cock)"

She banged her body on his with full force. In one swift move she took the whole of his rod in. She did flinch a little. She was engulfing a cock in her cunt after a very long time, but she had not lost her spirit. She gave two or three sharp, speedy fucks and then stopped all movement for a few seconds. She made her inner lips make milking movements.

"Kabhi gaiyyaa kaa doodh nikaalaa hai, thun ko dabaayaa hai (Have you ever milked a cow, pressed an udder)?"

Now she pressed his prick with the muscles of her cunt as if it was an udder full with milk. At the same time vagina was making circular movements around the prick. Harkishan Lal had never experienced this. In fact no other female had ever been so free in her fucking. She did not give him any respite, and he had not uttered a word after she had climbed on him.

"Kitnee der tik saktaa hai tu? Kuchh bol to sahi, achchhaa chod rahi hun main?? Meri parosanein to kahti theen tu buddhaa hai, par teraa lauraa to jawaan moosal ki tarah dataa huaa hai (How long can you last? Say something, Am I fucking you good?? My neighbours were saying that you are old, but your cock is fit as a fiddle)"

Now, Harkishan Lal found his tongue, rather his voice:

"H . . . u . . . n . . . h, h . . . a . . . a . . . a . . . a . . n. Wah . . . w . . . a . . . h. Bahot mazaa . . . a . . . . a .. . a a a a . . .aa de . . . r .. . a . . . h . . . i . . . hai jaan tu to . . . chhornaa mat mere than ko, saaraa doodh le lenaa, koi bachhraa nahin hai, kissi ke liye chhornaa nahin, h . . . u . . n . . h (Yes, Good, darling you are giving fantastic pleasure. Don't let my udder go, squeeze all milk, there is no calf, you don't have to leave off anything)"

Both of them were now free. Both understood each another. Above all Aditi was happy that it was going to be a bed of pleasures. That night both of them made up the long gap in their fuck lives.

Aditi turned out to be wonderful seductress. She would entice him at the most unexpected moment and would not release him from in between her thighs without extracting her full enjoyment. If by chance some woman came for treatment, she would insist that he examine her physically. She would hide behind some convenient piece of furniture and enjoy the scene when Harkishan Lal took off her clothes. Once when he was ready to climb over a patient, all the time conscious that Aditi was watching him, she took of all her clothes, covered her face, and ran into the room, shouting: "Vaidyaraaj, mujhe iski choot chaatne hai, meraa ilaaj aadhaa chhor kar iss ko kyon ...

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