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Sensational vacation

Sensational vacation
By: Legend

Hello friends. This is Rocky Akka Legend, Male 27 Mumbai, and Moderator of Kamasutra Groups. This time I am here with another favorite magnum, opus I like this content I ever write read and cum my reader your satisfaction is my goal. A family on their way to their vacation destination becomes sexually aware of each other. This story took place the year of my Last teen birthday. It was the last real family vacation my family took together. I was the last year of my teen age, almost six feet tall, still a skinny teen but my muscles were developing as I was getting into lifting weights. My hair was dark, cut short, dark skin complexion like my mother and I have black eyes, which I got from my father. It was late summer and dad decided we were all going to Goa Beach for a week vacation. My 43-year-old mom Madhuri, 47-year-old dad Sridhar, my Teen sister Soundharya and I loaded our luggage and jumped into the car for the 16 to 17 hour trip to Goa Beach. Dad driving, mom in front next to him, me behind mom, Soundharya behind dad in the back seat as our five year old Chevy Lumina pulled out of the driveway. As time passed and we drove down the long highway, my mind drifted back to the recent events that took place and my cock hardened. Soundharya, my sister and I have always been the best of friends growing up but the past two years, something has happened to our relationship. Other than sister and brother As we both developed into young men and women, we began taking a closer look at each other in a sexual way, curious about each others developing bodies. But our family is a very strictly religious addicted and morally stricted. But I can’t control my feelings I not often stare my sister. I noticed the growing swells of Soundharya’s breasts and the smooth, muscular curves of her legs, hips and stomach. Her perky little butt took a fuller more womanly shape. Soundharya now stood about 5 feet 4 inches tall, has dark shoulder length hair and a dark complexion like mom. Her boobs are still filling out but now are an over flowing B-cup and she definitely gets her nice boobs from mom. Her eyes are this sexy light, almost brown color, again like moms. Soundharya is just a picture of pure growing teenage sexual beauty.

Around the house lately, I’ve noticed we have been playing this game of dare, you know, show me yours and I’ll show you mine type of thing, one always trying to out do the other. Soundharya would wear these sheer sexy undies and prance around in front of me, giving me a raging hard-on which I’m sure she noticed. I would walk around in just a pair of small loose fitting gym shorts with no underwear underneath, my semi-hard or hard cock clearly visible as it swing from side to side. We have an in-ground pool and I noticed that Soundharya’s bikini’s kept getting smaller and smaller. She would lie around the pool deck in nearly nothing sometimes. Or she would climb out of the pool and while soaking wet, with her small bikini clinging to every inch of her young tight body, prance slowly by me, always giving me a huge hard-on. Sometimes she would bend over in front of me pretending to rub her leg or something, giving me a close-up view of her perfect teenage bikini clad ass. Mom would not allow Soundharya to wear a thong bikini but her bottoms were getting real close, exposing more and more of her sexy tight teenage butt cheeks. I noticed the strings were getting longer as the patches of material also got smaller. Soundharya’s most recent swimsuit purchase was this very small white bikini. This was the skimpiest suit yet as it exposed so much untanned skin that Soundharya never wore it when mom was around.

When this bikini got wet, you could nearly see through it. One time I was lying on a lawn chair as Soundharya got out of the pool, with my now favorite suit on, and walked towards me. I could clearly see her dark swollen nipples pushing out against the thin wet white bikini top. As my eyes dropped down to her barely covered pussy mound, again I could clearly see her dark black patch of hair through the sheer wet suit. My cock was rock hard for Soundharya to see as I lusted for my sister’s sexy young teenage body. "How do you like my new bathing suit?" Soundharya said in a sultry, I know I’m turning you on kind of way. In my excited state, my voice trembled as I replied, "Hard to say sis, there’s not much of a suit there. But you do look pretty damn hot in it!" She giggled as she replied, "Thanks brother. You’re looking pretty hard, I mean hot too!" As we both laughed. Other times she would apply tanning lotion in such an erotic way, I would have to head to my room and jerk off while picturing what I had just seen. Her young sexy teenage body, which tanned so easy, was always there for my lustful gaze. I loved her sexy white tan lines which, as the bikini’s got smaller, came more into my view. My little sister was just a complete fox, she knew it and how it was affecting her older brother.

We would take turns going down the hall after a shower, past each others rooms, either naked or with a towel barely covering ourselves. Then our game evolved into leaving the bathroom door unlocked and each making some lame excuse to use the bathroom while the other was in the shower. We each could barely see each other through the fogged shower door but just knowing the other was naked behind it was a serious turn-on. One day I entered the bathroom while Soundharya was in the shower, "Just need to pee!" I announced. "Okay, but make it quick!" Soundharya responded with excitement in her voice. As I stood next to the plastic clear shower door, holding my semi-hard cock in my hands, aiming it at the toilet pretending to pee, I strained to see Soundharya’s naked body, just a couple feet away. I could see the basic shape of her young sexy teenage body with her sexy tan lines as she rubbed soap across her smooth tight skin. It was such a tease and sexual turn-on watching her through the shower door that my cock swelled to its full hardened length. I was stroking my swollen shaft while watching my sister lather up her smooth wet tanned body. Soundharya, knowing I was watching decided to give me a good view of her sweet ass. She turned her body and pushed her butt right up against the clear shower door, giving me an almost a clear view of her perfect teenage ass. Her sweet tanned ass was perfectly shaped with white tan lines from her small bikini bottoms was too much. I stroked my cock harder and in seconds I shot a huge load of cum towards the back of the toilet.

"Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" oooooooh! I groaned as my knees weakened as I trembled with the best orgasm of my young life so far. "Are you OK out there?" Soundharya asked and then giggled, knowing what she did to her older brother. "Just fine sis, just fine." I panted out my reply. The next time Soundharya came in while I was in the shower, I could see through the steamy clear plastic shower door, her figure as she dropped her sweat pants and sat down to pee. My cock was a rock solid eight inches as it throbbed in my soap covered hand. I had been stroking my hard shaft for several minutes, just waiting for my sister to enter the bathroom. I decided to give her something to see and remember this time. You know I just had to out do her sweet butt show. As she sat there pretending to pee, I positioned my cock and myself so close to the shower door that I was sure she could see it. I began slowly stroking the length of my rigid shaft right in front of her. I heard her gasp for air and saw her lean forward for a closer look, her face inches away from my solid shaft with only the glass between us, as I continued to stroke my swollen cock. God, I was so excited my legs were shaking as I couldn’t believe I finally got up the nerve to do this. My firm hand slowly stroked up and down the length of my erect cock, only a steamy plastic shower door between my own sister and my throbbing shaft. I could just see her face, as her mouth was open as she strained to see my cock so I moved it even closer to the plastic shower door.

I watched her silhouette closely and faintly saw her right hand move between her legs. My god, she was frigging herself off too as she watched me do the same. This was so fucking hot I couldn’t take it any more. I pulled my cock hard; my purple cock head swelled and shot a huge load of cum all over the shower door. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!" Ooooooooooooooh! I groaned as I came real hard shooting three large spurts of hot white cum against the shower door, all for Soundharya to see. Soundharya had to see it as I heard her again gasp for air and say, "Oh my god!" in a very low tone and then giggled. She quickly got up and left the bathroom as I finished my shower. My heart was pounding as I ran through my mind what just happened. I leaned back against the shower wall with the hot water spraying my young excited body. I couldn’t believe it but my cock was getting hard again as I was just so hot for my sexy sister’s little hard body. After my shower, as I passed her bedroom door, the door was open just an inch so I peaked in to find my sister laying naked on her bed, knees up with her hands between her legs getting herself off. She was slowly frigging herself, waiting for me to walk by and knowing I would look in. When she saw me she closed her eyes and picked up the tempo, her fingers worked her clit faster and faster.

From the door I couldn’t see much except her hands between her legs. I just watched as she brought herself off right before my eyes, no steamy shower door between us. Soundharya again took this game one step farther than me. She arched her back and hissed my name as her body shook in the throws of her teenage orgasm. "Ooooohhhhhh yessssss brooooooooootherrrrrrrrr!" my sister moaned out softly so only I could hear. I watched as my sexy sister’s body reacted to her intense orgasm. She repeatedly clamped her legs together, which pressed her hands against her excited clit. Her sexy little butt was lifting off the bed at the same time. Her head to one side as her sweet sexy mouth was open as she gasped for air. She definitely outdid me again. Now it was my turn to take this one step further. With my teenage cock now hard as a rock again, my first thought was to enter her room and fuck her silly but instead, I chickened out and ran to my room. I jerked off again thinking of my lovely sister Soundharya. I was picturing Soundharya’s long tanned legs, her hands covering her sweet pussy playing with herself, when suddenly the car shook snapping me out of my deep sexual thoughts. I heard dad complaining about something with the car as we coasted to a stop. We were about 8 1/2 to 9 hours from home when the car broke. Dad was first under the hood and now was on his cell phone. We had to call a tow truck to get the car to a garage. Apparently something broke and it ...

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