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[Third Rakat]

Third Rakah
Standing Up and Reciting Takbir for the Third Rakah and Fourth Rakah
If a person is praying three or four rakats, then he should stand up after tashahhud, raising hands as instructed in the previous rakah and recite Takbir. In the third or fourth rakah, recitation of Surah al-Fatiha is sufficient. There is no need to say another Surah. If a person is praying four rakats then he will return to this point twice before moving to the next section and sitting for the final tashahhud.

"Next, the Prophet (SAW) would get up for the third rakah with takbir." (Sahih -Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

Performing the Third Rakah and Fourth Rakah and Sitting for the Final Tashahhud
After reciting Surah al-Fatiha, continue to complete the third rakah (or fourth rakah if praying four). After completing the last rakah, sit for the final tashahhud. Put the left foot under the right thigh and shin, with the right foot upright and top of toes facing the Qiblah. This way of sitting is called mutawarrikan. The left palm should cover the left knee with fingers spread out leaning heavily on the left knee. Put the right hand on the right knee and clench all the fingers on the right hand placing the thumb on the middle finger. Then, point the index finger (the one right next to the thumb) towards the Qiblah, and fix the eyesight on that finger. When raising the index finger, move it, and supplicate with it.

"The Prophet (SAW) would sit mutawarrikan." (Sahih - Al-Bukhari)

"The Prophet (SAW) would have his left foot under his (right) thigh and shin." (Sahih - Abu Dawood and Al-Baihaqee)

"The Prophet’s (SAW) right foot upright." (Sahih - Muslim & Abu Awaanah)

"The Prophet’s (SAW) left palm would cover his (left) knee, leaning heavily on it." (Sahih - Muslim & Abu Awaanah)

Reciting the Du'a for Tashahhud and As-Salah 'Ala An-Nabiyy (SAW)
Recite silently the same du'a as in the first tashahhud and recite silently As-Salah 'Ala An-Nabiyy (SAW) as in the first...

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