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glitter - Woman

F*O*R*U*M - U F O

he more anyone investigates the ufo enigma, the more complex, confusing, and contradictory it appears. To "nuts and bolts" advocates it seems simple: ufos are space craft from distant solar systems, here to...what? For decades, even millenia, they have roamed our skies and even landed here and there and seemingly have nothing better to do than collect endless samples, harass motorists, ask inane questions and make equally inane pronouncements, and sexually abuse people. Judging by the variety of craft and the endless variety of "aliens," we are being visited by the inhabitants of dozens of other planets, all of them behaving in the same bizarre and incomprehensible manner. The popular grays are described as having immense, dark eyes, but the interiors of their "craft" are described as brightly lit. This does not compute, and, if the visible "eyes" are coverings like sunglasses, why would they not just turn the lights down a bit and dispense with them? Some people believe that their endless sexual experiments are an attempt to create an alien/human hybrid race, but, if so, to what purpose? We cannot cross humans with dogs, for example, so how could we interbreed with beings from a totally different ecosystem, with DNA nothing like our own? And the argument that they are a dying race and need our DNA to revitalize their species makes no sense either; beings advanced enough to cross interstellar space and make use of DNA from our alien planet could more easily manipulate their own DNA, or use that of closely related species on their home world.

Do aliend exist or no?
Also the Egyptians also had the knowledge of them, and phenomenon powers from them. They had mainly build pyramids on the solar systems, and highly advanced in astrology.
23.01.2012 21:58 EST,
Child abuse is everywhere, almost everyone I talk to has had some emotional problems because of parents. Even my girlfriend has problems, her parents yell at her which makes her feel unloved and she's 12 years old. I wish there was something I could do.
21.08.2008 18:16 EDT,
All problem in this world solution is only devotional science because god is generater, operater and destroyer.
17.07.2008 05:31 EDT,

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