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Mobile phone porn sites of the past that are gone

I have used WAP sites to download free porn videos that have gone and are sites of the past. Here is information about them.

WAPARTY was a chat site but people could upload videos and pictures and the owner(s) had a very liberal attitude to porn being uploaded so it became a porn site as well as a chat site. It never became a very big site and it was eventually removed from the internet by the owner(s).

MOBLR was a French site and it was like Waparty as people had to request to see the files uploaded by another user and the uploader would have to accept for the requester to be able to see the uploader's files. There was a porn videos feature much like the adult section of Peperonity's cool videos where they could be downloaded without the uploader having granted the downloader permission. The videos in that section were on average more explicit and hardcore than the videos in the adult category of cool videos. The people or person who owned the site decided to turn Moblr into an innocent site and the porn was removed. There was still an image search engine on the site which could be used to see images from porn sites but other than that it had become an innocent chat site with people uploading and downloading innocent pictures and videos. The chatrooms were supposed to be for French speakers in one and English speakers in the other and that's how it was but late in its existance I visited Moblr and saw that both chatrooms were being used by French speakers despite one of the rooms being called English. With the porn removed one of the main reasons why people would visit was removed and so reduced the number of users and eventually Moblr was scrapped.

MYWAVES was a site much like this in that users uploaded innocent and porn videos for the entertainment of other users. The trouble with it was the videos couldn't be edited together into compilations or cut using a video editor. Also, they had no thumbnail image from the start of the video representing them in the gallery of my phone. Most of the very tiny proportion of videos I have uploaded to Peperonity that don't have a thumbnail image from the begining of the video representing them in the gallery when downloaded were downloaded by me from Mywaves and it's probable that some of the remainder were downloaded from Mywaves by someone and then uploaded to another site and so indirecly came from Mywaves. These flaws were a significant drawback when it came to the downloading and uploading to Peperonity of porn videos, especially for me as I have edited many short porn videos together into compilations but this isn't possible with videos downloaded from Mywaves and neither is cutting videos of more than 2mb so as to be able to upload them to Peperonity. Later on it removed all of the porn and innocent videos that had been uploaded by users and became a Youtube videos streaming site. It was already a very flawed site but after that huge change it became pointless. What is the point of a streaming only Youtube videos site when there are sites which enable users to download them? Youtube itself can be used for streaming them. It was a fairly pointless site after that change and was no longer partly a porn site. It is a few months since I typed the Mywaves section of this article and I am adding at the end that the site seems to be gone and is no longer even a pointless Youtube videos streaming site. Another site of the past rather than of the present and future.

UPLOADMOB was a site that people could upload files such as videos and pictures to and they would be put into the appropriate category by someone such as adult or funny. Via selecting a video the user could visit the uploader's album with that video and maybe others in, much like the sites of Peperonity and there was a search feature like Peperonity has but Uploadmob wasn't nearly as good as Peperonity. It's gone now also.

MZOBI was a site which specialised in high quality stylish porn photo sets originally intended for inclusion in hardcore porn magazines or websites. They/he/she downloaded the pictures from elsewhere rather than being the one/ones actually taking the photos as it wasn't a pay site. I downloaded the images at the top of Amazing porn videos 6, 7, 8 and 9 in amazingporn2 and 11, 12, and 13 in amazingporn3 from Mzobi. It was a great site for free porn photo sets but it is gone.

WILYBOB was a site which had a huge amount of short porn clips. For some reason a clip lasting a minute, for example would be split up into a few sections with no option of downloading it complete. It might be because when the man called Bob was adding the videos to his site it might have been so long ago that many people might have not been able to download a minute long 3gp clip with good picture quality due to the limitations of their phone but there should have been an option to do that for those who were able to. When the parts were edited together to make them complete again there was a noticeable reduction of picture quality and a big reduction of the amount of kb of memory compared with the combined kb of the brief parts prior to editing it. So a reason not to edit the parts together but two reasons to do so. The compilations in the page Fucking machine videos 1 in my site fucking.machines were made by editing together many very brief clips I downloaded from Wilybob.

TINYTUBE was a site that enabled people to download youtube videos and videos from other non-porn sites but there were also adult websites that could be included when using the search engine and all of the non-porn sites could be excluded so that only porn videos would be found by the search. Only attempting to download the videos from one of the three porn websites included in the list of sites to incude or exclude in the search resulted in the videos actually downloading and even then it was only some of them so it was obviously flawed regarding using it to download porn videos. The reason why only some of the videos could be downloaded from the only one of the three porn sites in the list that could actually be successfully used to download videos is presumably that the videos which were downloadable were on tinytube's server and the others weren't. I tried to add porn videos to it's server which weren't on it by trying to download them like you can at vuclip but it didn't work. There had been some problems with Google, owners of youtube taking legal action as a result of tinytube enabling users to download youtube videos without the permition of Google so maybe that's why tinytube as it was is gone but at the time of me texting this there is still a site called tinytube but there is no search engine and no adult content anymore. All there is now, ironically considering the legal action from Google is a list of youtube videos to choose from but no search engine which makes it a very crap site compared to vuclip even if you don't take porn videos into consideration let alone if you do.

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