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Porn scandals. Google refused to filter child p0rn

When Google was a very young yet very successful company its bosses had the opinion that there should be no censorship of anything on the grounds of it being pornographic. I really do mean anything as they decided that even child pornography images and sites wouldn't be filtered from search results. As you can imagine this was a very controversial decision and the president of The USA at the time, George Bush senior referred to the situation in a speech where he said 'And Google... You remove the kiddy porn from the internet or we'll legislate so that you have to'. It wouldn't have been a process of removing the offensive sites and images from the internet but rather simply filtering them out of the search results. A Google employee was given the task to do various interviews for TV programmes and maybe other media during which he was trying to defend Google's extremely libertarian stance. Unfortunately though he was attempting to do so by using sophistry (sophisticated lying). He was asked why Google don't filter out child pornography from their search results and he replied by saying Google doesn't have the ability to remove sites from the internet. He hadn't been asked why Google doesn't remove child porn sites from the internet he was asked why they don't filter the child porn from the search results. The interviewer was a smart man and didn't get fooled by the attempt at sophistry and asked the question again and got the exact same reply. He asked a third time and the man representing Google realised he wasn't going to fool him and gave up trying. He told him that he was smart and with a scornful tone remarked that he had successfully fooled the previous interviewers with that reply and he called them stupid idiots or similar with a contemptuous tone. The interviewer asked him why they don't filter the search results a fourth time and he tried another attempt at sophistry. He replied that Google workers are far too busy and can't spare the time to filter out all of those very many sites. The interviewer replied that they should employ people to do it then and the interviewee had to admit that was a good point. It's a fairly safe bet that the hapless (during that particular interview) interviewee was using sophistry tactics in those interviews because that's what he was told to do by one or more Google higher ups. Google chose someone else from the company to defend their extreme libertarian stance in an interview for BBC2 during which he was extremely controversial and extremely strident. I could hardly exagerate the degree to which he was being those two things ie I tried. At one point he was asked 'Does Google care about children?' to which he replied 'No, Google doesn't care about children!'. The interviewer pointed out that the Google motto was 'Don't be evil' to which he replied that he thought they should change it as it's not an appropriate motto for Google. The interviewer asked him if he thought that child molestation overrides the importance of freedom of speech and the answer was that it certainly doesn't. It was the most shocking interview I have ever heard and I was offended by it as were many others. I remember an anti-porn campaigner femanist on BBC2 saying 'I knew the situation with Google was bad but it's much worse even than I thought. Much worse' and she added 'Google are providing people access to child pornography. Of course Google are evil!' and I agreed with her. Many people in America also saw the interview or at least parts of it and Google and the man who had been selected to be the interviewee were rightly coming under fire there. I saw a woman who worked for Google interviewed on BBC2 saying that she and other Google employees were demanding he be sacked and that 'We don't want any more of the excuses we've been getting from the bosses that attempt to justify him! We heard what he said and we want him gone!'. I think she mentioned potentially going on strike until their demand that he be sacked was met. A man who worked for Google was interviewed for the same item said 'He got carried away and now everyone's out to get him and he even came in and said what have I done? I went too far'. I don't know whether he was sacked or not but afterwards the Google bosses eventually relented and child pornography, thankfully, finally got filtered out of Google search results. I remember a woman on BBC2 saying that one of the bosses of Google had said 'We must have been mad to think we could get away with that for ever'.

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