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Porn scandals. Ex pornographer David Sullivan

The pornographer and chain of sex shops owner David Sullivan owned his chain of shops for many years before hardcore pornography became fully legal and widely available. During those many years he was ripping his customers off by selling them very inexplicit video tapes with enticing pornographic images on the front and back of the plastic case that had nothing at all do with the film the customer would actually be viewing. Customers would either not complain and accept they had been swindled out of the £30, £40 or even more that the video tapes used to cost or they returned to the shop and perhaps received a similarly inexplicit film in exchange. I was one of the victims of the confidence trick and I was swindled out of about £30 or £40 which was the equivalent of maybe £60 or £80 or even more than that today. I was also one of the customers who returned to the shop and got a similarly inexplicit film in exchange. Some of the videos were much more expensive with one even being £200, perhaps the equivalent of £400 or more today. Thankfully I wasn't so stupid as to buy that one. It will no doubt have been another very softcore or very censored hardcore (prior to the censorship) film like the two that I saw. Sullivan hardly needed the money as he was a millionaire and yet he seemed to have no qualms whatsoever about swindling his customers, many of whom will have been poor people out of tens of pounds. The porn magazines on sale in his shops were also less explicit than the uncensored covers would have lead customers to assume them to be but at least they were nevertheless sexually arousing. I included the word 'covers' in that sentence but a lot of the apparent covers were in fact one of the inside pages which was chosen to be the apparent front cover with the actual covers having been removed from the magazines. When looking at the middle two pages it was obvious that all of the pages were in reality photographs of the pages of porn magazines of another pornography company such as Color Climax as the small holes where the staples of the original magazine had been were clearly visible when in a slightly different position than the actual staples. They were photographs of magazine pages in which could be seen tiny stapel holes, not holes in the actual magazine centre pages that I was looking at.
There was a World In Action documentary that was entirely devoted to the exploits of David Sullivan. It turned out that he had been a confidence trickster right from the start of his porn-related business activities as according to the World In Action documentary he made his first porn-related small fortune by placing advertisments in pornographic magazines for twenty sheets of paper containing many porn images on each but when the customer received them via the mail they discovered that the twenty sheets were all identical and the images were probably softcore. They might as well have thrown away nineteen or even all twenty of them straight away. At the time of the documentary Sullivan was claiming to have sold his porn empire and he was trying to present himself as a newspaper publisher and ex-pornographer and ex- owner of a chain of sex shops but the documentary proved that to be definitely a lie.

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