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tweety - Comics/Fantasy/Anime


Please add your jokes here i like a good laugh! But try and keep it CLEAN lmao otherwise pep will give me a RED DOOR! ;-)
A wman went to gave birth in the hospi,wen the doctor came and say,woman it time to push..the wman said 0k..hw do we do it,the dctor said,open ur laps wman,the chalted,u bastard u wanna see my pussy my husband must hear this
21.02.2010 09:22 EST,
Funny truths . Having 1 child makes u a parent,having 2 makes u a rafree.2.Marriage is a relationship in which 1 person is always right & the other is the husband.3..U can't buy lov but pay heavily 4 it.4.. My wife & I always compromise, i admit i'm wrong & she agrees with me.
13.07.2009 04:42 EDT,
1 day a boy propose a girl,but the girl refused to marry him.Then the boy went with a great joy.Moral no wife no tension.
12.07.2009 05:01 EDT,
=} horny husbnd was helping hs wife set up passwrd 4 her computer,he typed PENIS wife fell off chair laughing! Whn it said nt LONG ENOUGH!! HA HA HA! =}
08.05.2008 01:27 EDT,
2 snowmen in a field, 1 said 2 the other "can you smell carrots"
02.05.2008 04:02 EDT,
A New survey out 2Day.10per Cent of women think their arse is 2 skinny,30Per cent 2 fat,The other 60Per cent dont really care,They say theirs has lots of endearing qualities,They wouldnt change him for the world.
02.05.2008 02:16 EDT,
you ever walked into a room nd 4got y u wakled in there? i think thats hw dogs live their lives
01.05.2008 18:26 EDT,
what dog keeps the best time? a watch dog
01.05.2008 18:24 EDT,
Guy came home frm work wife demands he take her out to a expensive place. He said ok nd took her to a petrolstation
01.05.2008 15:42 EDT,
I Just opened the door to a 5Ft beetle who smacked me around the head.Told me 2 4K off.THERES A NASTY BUG GOIN AROUND.
01.05.2008 15:11 EDT,
A man Took a contract out on his wife.Make sure u do a good job.I will said the assassin,ill shoot her right under her left tit.4k that said the man i want her dead not 4kin knee capping.
01.05.2008 15:07 EDT,
A Little girl was digging in the garden when an old man said thats a big hole,Im burying my bird,That hole is too big for a bird.Its inside your cat you stupid bastard.
01.05.2008 14:53 EDT,
A Man walked into a chemists store,He asked where the tampons were.The ass told him by the cotton wool.He brought cotton wool n toilet paper,The ass sed i thought u wanted tampons.He replied yesterday i asked her 2 pick me up some fags she came back with bacci n rizlas so 2Nite she can av a go at rollin her own.
01.05.2008 14:16 EDT,
An Old man said to his wife i had to show them the white hairs on my chest before they would give me my pension,His wife replied you should have showed them your cock too,We would av qualified for disability benefit.
01.05.2008 12:03 EDT,
2 Irishmen walkin down the street paddy found a mirror,He looked into it,Said to murph im sure iv seen this chap b4.Murph looked into the mirror n said you eedjit its me.
01.05.2008 04:29 EDT,
A Woman was sat in the surgery with a baby.Doc, he is losin weight.He asked her 2 remove her top tweaked her nipples,Squeezed her breasts.He replied no wonder you av no milk.She said im the babies grandma but im really glad i came.
01.05.2008 04:25 EDT,
The Medical society are paying for sperm donations.That must make that dirty towel under your bed worth ABT 40 grand.
01.05.2008 03:59 EDT,
A Nun n a yob(young thug)were sat in a train carriage the boy was Eating a bag of prawns biting their heads off n spitting them through the window.The nun said please dont do that.He replied shut the 4K up u stupid bitch.So she pulled the emergency cord.The yob said u stupid cow,You ll get a 50Quid fine.The nun replied when i scream rape n they smell your fingers you ll get 10 yrs you obnoxious little bastard.
01.05.2008 03:23 EDT,

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