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advice , statments & poems


*** " If i had to count the reason
why i love you and why i am so in
love with you ..... I'd have to count
*** " they say hearts feel each
other .... did you also get
sad ??!!....the moon as well goes
away.... have you ever thought
about the night ??!!...the
loneliness is hidden with me
never i get out for a moment...."
*** " If i have the letters " HRT ", i
can add " EA " to get " HEART " OR
" U " and get " HURT ".....,,,,,BUT....,,,,
i'd rather choose " U " and get "
HURT " than have a broken with
you or a weaker " HEART "
without you" HEART "......***
*** " when you are dejected try to
laugh and be happy with your
friends or they might feel you and
ask you why are you sad ???!!!
then you might be more dejected
by thinking about what had made
you to be like this " ***
If i had only a few minutes in my
life and then i will die , I'd prefer
to use my last breath to tell you
that i love you and i hoped to be
with you FOREVER " ***
*** " our present won't be
different from our future as we
don't change " ***
*** " if you choose life then you
might loose every thing but you
can gain many beautiful things
such as : family , best friends ,
lover .....etc cause no one loose
every thing and the life is like a
game you have to deal it with a
strong heart or not to deal it with
a weaker heart " ***
*** " tears don't be enough , and
also days don't make you forget
going away a best and a faithful
friend " ***
*** " love is like a mountain , hard
to climb but once you get to the
peak .... the view is beautiful and
this means that you fell in a deep
love " ***
*** " love is a strong yet delicate ,
it can be broken . and truly love is
to understand this but to be in
love is to respect this " ***
*** " Relationships is like glass ....
sometimes it's better to leave
them broken than to hurt yourself
or " him or her" self when you are
trying to collect them up " ***
*** " you are the sky so vast and
blue ...... And i am the white clouds
in you sky ...... I am a river clean
and pure who in your ocean find
my rest " ***
*** " Love is not about finding the
right person , but creating a right
relationship . It's not about how
much the love you have in the
begaining but how much the love
you build tell the end.... " ***
*** " I love walking in the rain ,
because no one knows that i am
crying " ***
*** " sometimes i say oooh i am
fine and i want someone to look
into my eyes and say " tell the
truth " " ***
*** " Love .... when i was young , i
used to draw and write it on the
trees .... and i didn't know what
does it mean ??!! BUT .... after I
had loved ..... I knew its meaning !!
" ***
*** " another day goes , and still
the children's cry , put a little love
in your heart if you want the
world you know , we don't let
hatered grow , put a little love in
your heart and the world will be a
better place for you and me . you
just wait and see ((^_^)) " ***
*** " don't trust any body ,
However who is " he or she "....
when you feel sad .. talk to the
person you feel comfort with "
him or her " like : your best
friend ..... when you feel dejected ..
cry or talk to yourself ... I promise
and i am sure that you will relax
and feel comfort after crying and
talking .... also i am sure that you
will find a result to your problem
by talking to yourself ..... cause no
one could undertand your
problem as much as you can
understand it ..... " ***
*** " If you wanna take a part in
my life ....... LOVE..... is the master
key of my heart " ***
*** " If anybody asked me what I
would prefer ... to return back to
my childhood or to go fast and
quickely to the future ???!!! ,,,,, I'd
answer that I'd prefer to return
back to my childhood to the best
to the best beautiful days i have
ever seen ,,,,, cause at least i knew
what ad happened in these days
in my chidhood ad in every
moment .......BUT........ the future I
don't know anything aboutit if
the days could be much better
and more beautiful than the days
of my childhood or much worse
than it " ***
*** " It's not when i look back at
all the memories and the good
time we had that makes me sad ....
It's when you consider those
memories and the good time we
had that makes me sad....It's when
you consider those memories as
nothing to you , where they ment
everything to me " ***
*** " the day that i will stop loving
you is the day that i will die on it "
*** " I heared someone
whispered your name ..... BUT....
when i turned around to see who
whispered your name ,,,,, I noticed
that i was alone then i realize that
it was my heart " ***
*** " In our rough life ,,,,,,,,, you
mustn't surrender at all ,,,, you
have to make your aims .... to not
lost and forgotten..... cause who
surreneders becomes weaker,,,,
and who becomes weaker is
forgotten and lost " ***
*** " It's from stubidityto live like
angels with people.....It's better to
live alone " ***
*** " watch yesterday and learn
from it ...... and watch tomorrow
and work for it " ***
*** " no pain without sorrow , no
blood without hurt , no broken
heart without a cheating
lover ,,,,BUT,,,, no weaker heart
without a lover's far " ***
*** " As it's the first time i love
you .... as the sun shines in the
morning ...... and as the flowers
are opened and grown up for the
first time..... as the baby is borned
for the first time in the life ....
cause the first love is the last
love !!! " ***
*** " the sky without stars like
sleep ........ sleep without dreams
like songs ...... songs without
music like roses..... roses without
smell like face ..... face without
smile like me without you !! " ***
*** " don't be compuncate for a
chance that you've lost ,,,, because
it will make you blind for the new
chances infront of you " ***
*** " I left my heart up there to
the sky ,,,,, It was my choice don't
ask why .... between the cloud my
heart is free and forever there it
will be safe..... " ***
*** " If the life becomes lazy,
narrow and rough...... sit down
alone and remember what had
happened,,,,then you'll find that
you were the mistaken not the life
or the world and try to change
yourself or your mind easier than
changing your life and the
world !!! " ***
*** " If you wake up one day and
were asked to have a wish , what
would it be ? mine would be that
our love would last until you see
an apple in an orange tree
=))=)):D:D:D " ***
*** " my heart for you will never
break , my smile for you will never
fade , my love for you will never
end , I LOVE YOU " ***
*** " I build walls not to keep
people out of my life , but to see
who cares enough to climb over
the walls i build " ***
*** " life is about trusting our
feelingsand taking chances,
losing , finding happiness appear
ciating the memories and learning
from the past and ready for the
future " ***
*** " If you don't understand my
silence .,.,., then you will never
understand my words !! " ***
*** " Love in the hearts is like a
boat ,,,,, If it carries more than one
person ,,,,, it will sink !! " ***
*** " watch your thinking cause it
will be words ,,,, watch your
words cause it will be deeds ,,,,
watch your deeds cause it will be
habits ,,,,, watch your habits cause
it will be your personality "
character " ,,,,, and watch your
personality cause it will be a
becoming destination " end " "
*** " Don't trust a human ,,,, or
give the safety to the snake ,,,, and
domn't say that it's hard and
difficult to forget ,,,,, but you've to
be like the rock that can't be
smashed or destroyed by
anyone !!!! " ***
*** " to smile in every second
don't mean that you've no
troubles or sadness ,,,, despite the
best smile appears in the most
bad and worse time " ***
*** " you never realize how much
someone means to you until there
gone . nor do you know how
much you love that person until
they say Good Bye " ***
*** " If the sorrow and the pain
were men ,,,,, i would kill them "
*** " a good friend can dry your
love's tears .... But ..... a bad friend
can multiply them " ***

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