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~ Financial crisis ~

~ by katherine & anastasios ~

"MoNeY"...............By........PiNK FLOyD........
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Because we have "in hand" us , and "get their hand" ?

The photo is of 1944 .

The Germans withdrew from Greece , were preceded by the Dekembriana and the British allies have erect blokades in Athens . The Englishman sergeant doing what any Athenian asti as the young lady's photograph , it would be an absolute insult . Searching audit on the road . Imagine was not an ally .
The impertinent hand in the pocket of the girl . Hand , " friendly" alliance . Which is what , in this small ( and close than apparently ) pocket ? Grenade ? Explosives ? Weapon ? What dangerous fits in there ? Probably the last traces of dignity of a people that has just been "liberated" and think that can no longer set in the future on the basis of its own decisions and choices .
And wants to set aside these last traces of the "ally" dignity , maintain etch "victim" with the comfort that gives visibility of regulatory factor and guarantee the smooth running of the place , from those who fear overthrow of the political scene and socioeconomic structures "entertain" .
The recipe for succes . "You're not able to find yourself" , "threatens the state status" , " you need financial help , but i get only under our own terms" , "i follow faithful the choices in the economy , social structure , goverment , foreign policy , military , education , culture" .
And so we went to the civil war , between the good and bad , between bad and good , depending on which side you see things .
Today what are the "wicked" , whom must fear and hate the other "good" to accept once again the "allied" help , terms and conditions ?
We are the "bad" . Consider what we are told many months : our politicians are incapable and schemers . Civil servants are lazy , corrupt , redundant . Professionals are tax evaders , non-competitive , phoneys . Many workers have trade union privileges , is counterproductive and bratish . Farmers take advantage of grants , allowances and payments without producing products . Schools and universities do not offer substantial training . Sport is asphyxiation in "dope" , in "a" , in "rigged" and violence . Hospitals and doctors is corrupt , take money for bribery ( fakelakia ) .
We could go on for a long time list of categories that we do . The conclusion ? "what a pity that such a useless breed lives in this corner plot , sunny , seaside , fail to exploit natural resources , wealth and fertile territory" !
C'mon de , what a pity that we live here , Pakistans workers , Swiss bankers , Germans industrialists , French teachers , Spanish players , Danish fishermen , Dutch farmers , British military officials , Finns , Italians and Austrians doctors hotel owners .
What a pity that we live only "wicked" most in this place ?
What we are told that should be done ? To his mind . To listen to our political leaders who show us the only correct way and forget that they themselves and their policies have led us to the current situation .
After so many years have made a mistake and we arrived at an impasse , because today to believe that they know the way out ? Because today we pass every day with self-flagellation and wreck everything Greek ? We must continue our life with the assumption that we are all useless "waster" and it will save us only the I.M.F. ?
I do not think Taki , who says the likeable people in advertising .
Yes , to make cuts throughout the public administration .
Yes , we all a little more .
Yes , we can put mind and can distinguish politicians who deserve the confidence and our vote .
I said , this time we have all in debted as "bad" . Therefore , neither can we divide gets . Together , we can find ways that will give us momentum upwards again . With self-confidence , self knowledge and dignity .
Because now we have "at hand" , does not mean that we will let them get their hand and .
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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