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9/11 America in new york 1day was going abt thr way when terrible terriost destroyd their beautiful land we've pulld 2getha and walkd hand in hand... So that's the story we stil have glory upon so brave and free as we go on. We carry along life, love and liberty. BY: TONYA BARKER

A crystal heart, Scattering light into myriad colours; It's a crime 2 leave it unshared. A fragile heart, Broken by the slightest of rough touches; It's a simple matter to let it fall. A given heart, Placed in the hands of a newfound keeper; Will it be dropped? A broken heart, Myriad pieces reflecting one colour; It's a shame 2 leave it shattered. A mended heart, Stronger than b4, but nt by much; It's just as easy 2 break as b4. A crystal heart, Scattering light in2 myriad colours; What else can it do? by: James Williams
Who Are You

We cannot speak it,
for it may harm.
We cannot see the light,
for it might grab us by the arm.

Who are they to judge,
what nature has given us?
All they need is a little nudge,
But, us, they prefer to curse.

So when is it we get wings
and these shackles removed?
But pain,it always brings
when all we want is to be loved.

Nothing to lose now
we stand out of the crowd
even though they think us low,
all we can do is stand up proud.

By: Darklady


Most of the things in life
that appear seemingly good or tempting
turns out 2 b taboo or 'forbidden fruits' of society

Most consciencious ppl or ppl who care abt opinions of othas usually steer clear of the forbidden fruits.

Once the 'fruits' is tasted, it's hard 2 go bk 2 the way things were b4.
Few ppl who bit the apple have accomplished going bk 2 the lives they had b4

Is it the thrill, adrenalin rush, xcitement or pure joy that kps u cumin bk 4 more?

The real question is: Are the things forbidden coz they really bad 4 us
Are they forbidden coz the fruits of the gods are so good?

by: Gold-Finger

Dedicated 2 all my friends:

True friends r 4eva
They neva go, come wot may
They last a lifetime
Their friendship neva slips away
They are faithful, true,caring and lovin 2
True friendships are hard 2 find
They rare and 1 of a kind and when i think of a friend thats true well i think of 1 close 2 my heart thats loyal and true
Always cherrish ur friends
Lovers come and go friends are 4eva lastin.

By: Hotfox136

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