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Hi guyz if u nt my flaky then u definitely dnt blong here bt feel free 2 read bt plz dnt leave ur commentz datz y i have a guestbk and ur opinionz mata. This page is 4 my flaky aka gold-finger my bestfriend and conferdunt. Uve bn with me thro thick and thin gud and bad, da lite and dark dayz 4 dat iv 4eva in u debt thanx. I love u flaky and alwayz wil u like da annoyin old sis i neva wantd lol mwah. Anyway this page is jst 4 ur fine ass hope u like it. Btw im sori abt being so rude wen we met bt u no u love a challenge so enjoy. Mwah mwah
Yes it has been a while and we'v grown and come a long way. Heaven knows how many ups & downs we had but we kept breathing through it all. I knw lyf hasnt been easy and i dnt xpect it 2 get any easier but i pray that through it all we grow stronger, wiser, happier and ultimately closer. I knw u always thr 4 me and il always b here 4 u til the end no matter wot happens. U my chopsy and ntn gna change dat. Love u chops. Mwah
04.12.2007 07:19 EST,
Damn itz bn awhile hey. Figured id go abit dwn memory lane seein dat we've grown up nw and apart bt at least we both hapi nw. I mis u flaky and it sadenz me we cnt even kp up a convo gues we hav sed everything we cud possibily say 2 eachotha. Pity tho alwayz enjoyd ur company. Anyway dnt no if u even gna botha 2 read this hope u do and mayb ul even read bk on da otha msgz and jst see wot we were and wot we r nw. I no u tryn and im nt easy and 4 dat mata nt rly tryn bt u no hw i fl/flt... Then agn datz neva stopd us b4... Btw love and mis u lotz flaky cya...
07.09.2007 16:54 EDT,
So here i am agn. Da golden finger put 2 work. Read da recent updates, nyc. Went thru ur confessions 2 and pretty much evrytin dats new. I read wit an open and observant mind as always and tho i dnt quite knw wots goin on at least u got ur ans' and fate? I dnt believe in it. Sum events in lyf wil happen no mata wot bt rememba dear chopsy. 4 every action - thrs a reaction.
30.03.2007 17:59 EDT,
Npe. Nt even ur bitch. Mwah
25.02.2007 17:46 EST,
Nw dat cud sound promisin...And flaky u my bitch get ova it
25.02.2007 17:42 EST,
1stly im NObodys bitch. And ja ur full att wud b nyc. As 4 da pic... Tel u ova mxit
25.02.2007 17:10 EST,
K im sori abt da ph callz...Wnt happen agn promise ul hav my ful and undevided attention...Btw wud u b so kind 2 send me dat pic plz? Nw go work lazy as bitch...
22.02.2007 20:23 EST,
Hellooooo me again. :) k so mayb da ya ya yippee was ovarated. How abt hip hip hooray! ? Lmao. Anyhoo thanx 4 da visit last nyt even if i didnt get much attention. Nxt tym madam im personally switchin that ph off and dnt wana hear any bullshit. ... I gotta go now and irritate da ppl at work. Cya. Bye, tata, ciao, cheers, l8er
22.02.2007 04:46 EST,
Omg! Is dat da best u can do? And fuck no im nt hapi? Dnt even no wot hapi is.
16.02.2007 14:17 EST,
Ya ya yippee. Hapi now?
16.02.2007 13:59 EST,
K here it is me leavin u anotha comment hopefully u reply this this tym... I official cal this convo open! Hapi nw
15.02.2007 22:17 EST,
thanx for da poem flaky u a real pal wish otha things were as easy as sendin a poem for us nt sure if u gonna get this bt i get it nw and i wnt force my company nt on u always thot u enjoyd my company guess i was wrng wrng abt alot of thingz btwn us anyway u off my mxit nw and i wnt call or txt u il mis u alot i already do and il always consider u as my best friend my flaky love u alwayz and alwayz
17.08.2006 21:43 EDT,
Hulo relax. I sent da poem. Gosh u special né
19.07.2006 07:23 EDT,
Damn 2mor has fucken cum and gone already. Dammit! I want i want da poem flaky!
12.07.2006 21:40 EDT,
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