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angel yrz old


this where i tell u abt mylife in my attempt to show u da reader jst who i am and y i am da way i am today plz bare with me and kp an open mind and always rememba he without sin cast da first stone...

well let me begin at da begining i was born on da 10th of march 1986 da yr of da tiger i was born to gud parentz who til this day only wantz wotz best for us my brother and da tym i was born my brother was already 4yrz old. my growin up process was abit slower than otha babies my age... Do 2 a muscle defect in my genez...Pretty much meanin i hav mitochondria myopathy...Which meanz in my case im weak and i tire easily im also prone 2 everyday illnesses more than an average person. Nxt i had all da normal educational requirementz went 2 creché and pre primary then i was place in a public school alng side my bro at da tym i was stil walkin i attended dat school 4 abt 1 and half yrz bt do 2 da risk of getin hurt da school demanded my parentz remove me i was then sent 2 a private school dat caterd for kidz with physical ndz i attended dat school till matric and went strait varsity where i completed my 1st yr of law bt do 2 personal reasonz decided 2 drop out...Iv bn helpin out with da family biz since dat tym and job huntin and decidin wot i want 4 mylife...Datz my story...Frm this point on i will b tellin u abt key momentz and happenings in mylife that has brought me 2 this point in my life and made me da person i am 2day and hopefully da person i strive 2 b 1day

At tymz i sit in my silent closure and i try and think as far bk as possible tryin 2 recall my 1st memory and each tym i end up at da same memory which at 1st was lyk a bad dream. I even use 2 hav nitemarez abt it and wen i awoke i cud stil fl my racin heart as da adrenaline rushin thro my vainz...And layin awake in wonda of this stirred up emotion...In da memory im no old than 3/4 and in a cot type of bed bt 2 me it seemz 2 b a cage...Da atmosphere is quiet and dull thrz no lite itz lonely 4 thrz nt a soul insight...Im sitin thr dressd in white yet im cryin my heart out 4 human contact 4 comfort and security....Bt unfortunately dat want dat nd was neva fullfilld yet 2day im al grown up and ppl all around me most of da tym im stil dat lil gal cryin her heart out in dat hospital bed...
Me agn here 2 tel u more sori 4 da wait nded tym 2 think bt here i am nw... Well by nw u no i grew up alone in and out of hospital yeah i had a brother bt his lyk 4yrz olda than me and spent most of his tym playin on his bike or with his friendz. Bt anyway il tel u abt 1 of my beta memories blieve it or nt i did ballet and ballrm dancin 4 a few yrz b4 i got this weak and i loved it...I loved da grace of ballet and i loved flin lyk a princess in ballrm i rememba da last tym i dance it was a kinda show where we performed 4 our familiez wot we learnt and it was amazin and 2 think abt it nw funi i wore a pink tutu me can u picture it...Bt i had fan and my dress was even more amazin and beautiful...I rememba flin lyk i cud float on da stage as my partner lead me thro da dance...Growin up i loved dancin and music i loved my mom 2 wash my hair on a sat morning and then jst let my lng blk freezy hair hang dwn 2 my waist and let me dance and dance 2 my dadz music outside i no he enjoyd it 2 he use 2 hav pix of me dancin...Bt dat was a lng tym ago nw...And im al grown up nw

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