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FREE SPARRING (Jayoo Matsoki) is a chance for the student to practice what they´ve learnt with no warning of attack,this develops good reflex´s.. Jayoo matsok can be practiced with no sparring equipment but must be STRICTLY no contact. Sparring equipment (Headguard,gloves etc) enables you to practice semi-contact and must be carried out under supervision of a qualified instructor.
THREE STEP SPARRING (Sambo matsoki) is designed for the inexperienced student and teaches basic techniques such as distance, range, fore´arm conditioning, blocks, stances, counter attacks and timing. The attacker starts in walking stance with right foot forward and in an obverse low section outer fore´arm block position while the defender starts in parallel ready stance.
TWO STEP SPARRING (Ibo matsoki) is for the experienced student to practice a wider range of attacks enabling the attacker to develop various combinations. Attackers start in L-stance and the defender in parallel ready stance.
ONE STEP SPARRING (Ilbo matsoki) is a realistic type of sparring that developes very fast reflex´s with the intention of defeating the opponent.. This is different to to free sparring because techniques such as joint breaking, arm locks and other take down techniques are utilised. Both students start in parallel ready stance but this can be varied.
THREE STEP SEMI-FREE SPARRING (Ban jayoo matsoki) is a step up from basic three step sparring, consisting of three attacks (hand or feet) by the attacker and three blocks or evasions plus a counter attack from the defender. Time should be taken with three step semi-free sparring and attention paid to reaction, force and fast, inteligent movements. This is important to learning the art of sparring. Attacker has to start in L-stance guarding block whilst the defender starts in parallel stance.
ONE FOR ONE SPARRING is practiced by intermediate to advanced students. Both opponents start in fighting position when the command is given, the first student will start with a technique and as soon as they have finished the second student attacks with their own technique and so on. This is a stamina exercise and techniques should be sharp and well demonstrated.

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