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Motivational SMS

☻ Don't Lower your Goals To The
Level of Your Abilities,

Instead, Raise Your Abilities To
The Height of Your Goals.

☻ Often when we lose all hope..

& Think this is the end.

Allah smiles from above..

& says..

"Relax dear.!!

its just a bend,

☻ Wen a drop of water falls into
a river, it has no identity!

But wen it falls on d leaf of a
Lotus, it shines like a pearl!!

So choose d best place whr u
can shine!!

☻ "Don't Ask God To Guide Your

If You're Not Willing To Move
Your Feet..."

☻ Do not worry about failure...

Worry about all the chances

you miss when you don't try.

Good Morning.

☻ Laugh at ur mistakes, but
learn from them..

Joke at ur troubles, but gather
strength from them,..

Have fun vd ur difficulties, but
overcome them!

Thats life!

☻ Fallen flowers can not climb

So do not think about the past.

Love the Present.

Live for the Future,

with a beautiful & sweet Smile.:-)

☻ If u miss an opportunity, do
not cloud ur eyes vd tears!

Keep ur vision clear so dat u
dont miss d next one! :

☻ Time is like the water of a

You can't touch the same water


the flow that has passed

will never pass again.


Enjoy every moment of life.

☻ If people are trying to pull you

Be proud about it,

because it only confirms

that you are above them..!!

☻ Life may not b d party u
hoped for but dat doesnt mean
u should stop dancing!

Remember u r d DJ of ur life!

Just spin it!

Rock it!

Enjoy it! ;-)

☻ When you feel GOD is

rubbing you against rocks.

Don't think that you will

run down to dust.

It just that, He is polishing


So Stay Precious

☻ Dont think of d few things dat
u didn't get 4m god after

Think of all those countless
beautiful things that he gave u
vdout even asking!

☻ I remember him not as the
one who broke my heart..

But I remember him

as the one who teach me how
to live with a broken heart

☻ Life is too short,

So follwow some rules.

Forgive quickly,

Believe Slowly,

Love Truely,

Laugh Loudly


Never miss anything that makes
you Happy.

☻ Beautiful pictures r developed
by negatives in dark room!

So if u c darkness in life, believe
that God is making a Beautiful
picture for u!! :-)

☻ Good thoughts:

Kill the tension before tension
kills you.

Reach your goal before goal
kicks you.

Help everyone before someone
helps you.

Live LIFE before the LIFE leaves

☻ When you start your day.

Keep 3 words in your pocket


TRY- for better future

TRUE - with your work

TRUST - in Allah

then success will be at your

☻ A stronger and positive

creates more miracles than any
other thing.


Life is 10 % how you make it..


90 % How you take it..!

☻ Working Towards Success

Will Make You A Master But

Working Towards Satisfaction

Makes You A Legend

Strive for Excellence Be a

☻ Trusting in GOD

won't make the mountain

but will make climbing easier.

Do not ask Him for a lighter load

but ask Him for a stronger back.

☻ A fantastic sentence written

at Japanese bus stop.

Only buses will stop here.

Not your time.

So keep walking towards your

☻ Hard-work is like stairs

and luck is like lift.

Sometimes lift may fail

but stairs will always take you
to the top.

Have a successful life..!

☻ Living in favourable and
unfavourable situation,

is called part of living.


Smiling in all those situations,

is called Art of living.

So always be smiling.

☻ Nothing is predestination,

the obstacles of your past

can become the gateways

that leads to the new

☻ A sleeping LION is stronger
than a barking DOG.

So a sleeping student is better
than A barking position holder

☻ A paper flying in air is

due to its luck but

a bird is flying due to its effort.

So if luck is not with you,

efforts are always there to
support you.

☻ Don't expect anything from

Expectations hurt...

When U don't expect,

Evry moment is a surprise...

& Every surprise brings

☻ Don't Think About

"What You Have Got......"

Think About

"How To Use It That You Have

☻ Without Tasting The Worst

No One Can Taste The Best Thing
Of Life.

... Dare To Face Anything in

Your Mysterious Life

☻ When you win,

I will proudly tell the world.

Hey! That's my friend.

But when you lose.

I will sit by your side,

hold your hand and say,

Hey! I am your friend.

☻ If you want something you
never had,

do something you have never

Don't go the way life takes you,

Take the life the way you go.

And remember you are born to
live and

not living because you are born!!!

☻ Watch your Thoughts, they
become Words!

Watch your Words, they become

Watch your Actions, they
become Habits!

Watch your Habits, they become

Watch your CHARACTER!, It
becomes your DESTINY!!

☻ All people have fears,

but the brave one's put down
their fears and go forward,

sometimes to death, but always
to victory.

☻ Teacher Asked: What is

A cute lovely girl replied: Its a
wonderful smell

that a flower givew when its
being crushed.

☻ You have only two options in




So try to accept what you can't

And try to change what you
can't accept.

☻ Sometimes GOD upset your
plans to set up HIS own plans.

GOD's plans are perfect.

So, Never get upset when your
plans got upset.

☻ Be more concerned with your

than with your reputation.

Your character is what you
really are

while your reputation is merely
what others think you are.

☻ "HOPE"

Ups & Downs,

unexpected results

& problems are part of life.

Never lose hope in any condition

becoz the darkness of night

always finishes with light of day.


A man can live about 40 days
without food

About 3 days without water

About 8 minutes without air

But not for 1 second without

☻ Avoid competency traps.

Do not stay only where you are
good at things,

Go out and be challenged.

☻ > I am a greater believer in
luck and

I find that the harder I work,

the more I have of it.

> I am a slow walker.

But I never walk back.

> The highest result of education
is tolerance.

> No one can climb the ladder of

with both hands in the pocket.

> Tough times never last.

But tough people [...]

☻ All our dreams can come true,

if we have the courage to
pursue them.

☻ Laugh like you have never

Play like you have never lost,

Love like you have never been


Live like there is no tomorrow...!

☻ When there is confusion
between your heart and mind,

Don't listen to your mind
because mind knows everything

But your heart knows only U.

☻ what ever a mind of a man

can conceive and believe

is achievable

☻ Leadership is not about the
size of your office


title on your business card.

Its about the depth of your

& your passion to get things

☻ If you have built castles in the

Your work need not be lost;

That is where they should be.

Now put the foundations under

☻ The poorest man on earth

is not the one without money,

but is the one without a dream.

☻ A bird sitting on the branch of
a tree

doesn't get frightened by the
shaking branch,

b'cse the bird trusts not the

but its Wings!!

☻ Tackle life with all ur skills

Overcome ...
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