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{Wishing Bundles}

The tradition of making a wishing bundle is as old as the hills & can be adapted easily for our modern day society. All you have to do is gather together items that are associated with your wish & place them into a box, tied up with a silver ribbon.
If your wish is associated with a house move, gather together items that represent your new home. These could include flower seeds & grasses you would like to grow in your garden. You might include a small model of a house or photos of colors & styles you like. If you want to move from the city, include items associated with the country. Gather your wishing items together & place them in your box until you have all you need.
Before you can actually cast your spell, you will need to gather together all of the items you need to place within your box. Don't rush collecting your items-take time to find the things you really want. You can always replace them as you go along. Remember to keep your wishes realistic-casting a simple spell cannot deliver a 20 bedroom mansion on acres of land! More realistic wishes would be for your new home to be filled with love; for friendly neighbors; or for your garden to be beautiful-no matter what size it is.
When you're choosing the items you will put in your wishing bundle, always make sure that you include something silver- the candle you will light when you make your wish, & the ribbon with which you bind the spell are ideal. Silver is the color of the full Moon, when magick is at its strongest. Silver is also the color of intuitive visions, & can help to bring out your latent potential.

You will need to collect:

°A shoe box or other box of appropriate size to contain your wishing items

°A silver ribbon to bind the box & your spell

°Items that represent your wish {these can be anything that you associate with the fruition of your desires}

°A silver candle

1} On the night of a full Moon, take all the items that you've chosen to symbolize your wish & place them on the table in front of you.

2} When you feel ready to begin your spell, light your silver candle.

3} Center your thoughts & focus your mind completely upon your intent. Try not to let other distracting thoughts enter your mind. Try to concentrate on your wish as clearly as possible.

4} One by one, place your items within the box repeating the chant, "This {item} to bring to life my wish for {name what the item represents, such as flowers in the garden}."

5} Once all items are within your box, close it up completely & begin to bind it up with the ribbon. As you do so, recite, "With this ribbon I do bind, that it may my heart's wish find."

6} Now that your spell is complete & your box of items has been secured with the ribbon, place your wishing bundle somewhere safe. Do not open it or touch it until your wish comes true.

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