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charm - Comics/Fantasy/Anime


Ever wondered why some people live a charmed life while others struggle against the odds? The secret may lie in the hidden powers of seemingly ordinary objects. Lucky charms have been used for centuries to bring people wealth, love & happiness; they can be worn or carried by travelers to protect them on their journey. Even today, few people can resist picking up a lucky penny in the street, & the shamrock is enshrined as the symbol of the "luck of the Irish." Brides still follow the tradition fo carrying "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." Keep lucky charms with you at all times by wearing them as jewelry. They often make beautiful as well as practical pendants, earrings, or rings.

{Lucky Animals}

Ladybug: The ladybug, with her jewel colors & coinshaped spots, attracts money.

Spider: Eight is the number of abundance. The eight legged spider helps to bring wealth.

Snake: The snake can shed its skin, so as a charm it promotes transformation & healing.

Cat: Cats, especially black cats, have long been associated with the Moon's magickal powers; their eyes reflect the Moon's magickal silvery light.

Rabbit's foot: Rabbits are known for their fertility & speed; carrying a rabbit's foot may well aid a speedy escape from danger.

{Lucky Plants}

Acorn: The acorn promotes energy & youthfulness. Acorns, which come from oak trees are sacred to the Druids. They consider the acorns & the leaves to be especially lucky.

Four-leaf clover: A rare four leaf clover will attract luck & protect against military service.

Heather: Heather is extremely lucky, particularly if purchased from a gypsy in exchange for silver coins. Keep it in your purse & it will help your money to grow.

Elder Twigs: When tied into an equal armed cross & hung over a door, the twigs will prevent entry by anyone with dubious intentions.

{Lucky Jewelry}

Charm Bracelets: Charm bracelets are still an effective way of attracting luck. You can wear many symbols in any combination that suits your personality.

Amethyst: This healing crystal will increase your confidence.

Lapis Lazuli: This blue crystal can help if you feel overwhelmed by negative emotions.

Round Stones: Naturally formed, round stones can have great therapeutic power; they can bring relief from feelings of stress & anxiety.

{Lucky Objects}

Horseshoe: A horseshoe over a doorway symbolizes a new Moon, & may bring the residents an increase in their fortunes. They must be kept open end up to prevent the luck from running out.

Key: Wearing a key helps to unlock your knowledge during study & exams.

Knot: A knot represents your commitment both in magick & in love.

Silver Coins: Foreign silver coins become imbued with luck during their journey to reach you.

Anchor: The anchor represented home for tired sailors. For this reason anchors bring hope & optimism.

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