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1 Present Simple

Present Simple

1 Present Simple
1.1 Form

-I am/I'm; She, He, It is/She's, He's, It's.
-You, They, We are/You're, They're, We're.

-Am I? Is She, He, It?
-Are You, They, We?

-I am not/I'm not. She, He, It is not/She, He, It isn't.
-You, They, We are not/You, They, We aren't.

-I, You, They, We have got/I've, You've, They've, We've got.
-She, He, It has got/She's, He's, It's got.

-Have I, You, They, We got?
-Has She, He, It got?

-I, You, They, We have not got/I, You, They, We haven't got.
-She, He, It has not got/She, He, It hasn't got.

1. HAVE plus GOT can only be used to indicate possession.
2. HAVE plus GOT can only be used in the present.

-I, You, They, We have.
-She, He, It has.

-Do I, You, They, We have?
-Does She, He, It have?

-I, You, They, We do not have/I, You, They, We don't Have.
-She, He, It does not have/She, He, It doesn't have.

1. This form of HAVE can also be used to indicate possession and is interchangeable with HAVE plus GOT.
-I've two brothers.

2. This form can also be used in other senses and in all tenses.
-I've lunch at home.
-I had lunch at a restaurant yesterday.

All other verbs follow the pattern of using the simple form of the verb (verb stem); the only exception is the third person singular to which S is added.

-I, You, They, We work.
-She, He, It works.

-Do I, You, They, We work?
-Does She, He, It work?

-I, You, They, We do not work/I, You,They, We don't work.
-She, He, It does not work/She, He, It doesn't work.

1. For verbs ending in -CH, -SH, -S, -X or -Z, we add ES to form the third person singular.
Examples: Watches; Washes.

2. For verbs ending in a consonant plus Y, the -Y changes to IES to form the third person singular.
Examples: Studies; Carries.

1.2 Use
i) It expresses habits.
-I get up at 6 o'clock.

ii) It expresses general or permanent states.
-We live in a flat.

iii) It expresses general truths or scientific facts.
-Wood floats on water.

iv) It expresses future events or states (See note 11.) Clique aqui

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