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22 Articles


22 Articles
22.1 The definite: THE
i) THE is used at the beginning of a singular or plural noun phrase.
-The book.
-The books.
-The big red books.

ii) It's used before a definite object or person.
-Give me a book.
-Give me the book which is on the table.

iii) It's used before the identity of which is understood.
-Please open the door. (there is only one door in the room).
It can be used to distinguish people or things.
-I want to speak to the woman in the red dress.

iv) It's used before things of which there is only one.
-The sun.
-The world.
-The king.

v) Many place names require THE oceans and seas, river, deserts, restaurants, hotels.
-The Atlantic Ocean.
-The Mediterranean Sea.
-The Limpopo River.
-The Sahara Desert.
-The Zambezi Hotel.

22.2 The indefinite article
i) A is used before words beginning with a consonant sound and AN is used before words beginning with a vowel sound.
-A book.
-An apple.

ii) A/AN are used before singular nouns.

iii) A/AN aren't used before uncountable nouns such as WINE or LOVE.

iv) A/AN are used when the exact identity of something is unknown or unimportant.
-Please give me a pen.
-I saw a strange man in our garden last night.

v) A/AN are used to identify the nature or a characteristic of something/someone.
-Our car is a TOYOTA.
-Beth is a Muslim.

vi) A/AN are used to identify someone's profession.
-I'm a teacher.
-Son-b is an artist.

22.3 No article
i) No article is used before uncountable nouns.
-Love, Wine, Energy, Rice.

ii) No article is used before plural nouns, when we are talking in general terms about them.
-Orange are good for you.
-Vegetarians don't eat meat.

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