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24 Regular and irregular noun plurals

Regular and irregular noun plurals

24 Regular and irregular noun plurals
24.1 Regular noun plurals
i) We usually make a plural noun by adding -S to the singular form.
-Book Books.

ii) We add -ES if the noun ends -S, -X, -CH or -SH.
-Bus buses.
-Box boxes.
-Church churches.
-Bush bushes.

iii) Nouns ending consonant plus -Y, the Y changes to I and we add -ES.
-Lorry lorries.
-Baby babies.

24.2 Irregular noun plurals
i) We add -ES to some nouns ending -O.
-Tomato tomatoes.
-Potato potatoes.

ii) We drop the final -F or -FE of some nouns and add -VES to form the plural.
-Leaf leaves.
-knife knives.
-Wife wives.

iii) We add -EN to a few nouns.
-Child children.

iv) We have to change the vowels of some nouns.
-Tooth teeth.
-Man men.
-Foot feet.
-Woman women.

v) Some nouns are the same in the singular and plural.

24.3 Nouns which use a singular verb but include a pluralarity
i) Family My family is from Botswana.

ii) Some nouns are used only in the plural form.
-Trousers (eye) glasses woods.
-I can't see without my glasses. Have you seen them.

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