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Brinda aunty part 1(story)

Hi, I am Bala, I would like to go straight to the incident that happened in my life 1 year back, now, am working in a reputed IT company. I am 23yrs old. Let me tell u about my experience with my neighboring aunty which transformed my life.
I live in an apartment, and new neighbors came next to my home in the same floor. The family’s head (name changed) Mr. Kiruba (44yrs) whom I used to call uncle and his wife Mrs. Brinda (38yrs) whom I called as aunty. They had 2 sons one was in college first year staying in a hostel and the other son is in 5th std. Let me telldescribe aunty Brinda, she is a really hot woman and she has gota very beautiful face, long hair which flows till her back. She was about 5′10″ tall with really big boobs and a very curvy and beautiful ass. I am not good in guessing the size but her boobs were enormous in size where you would need two hands to hold each one of them. The best part of her looks is that no matter from which angle you look at her she looks killer with those very prominent curves. She also has a moderately slim waist which goes very well with her curves.
As time passed by I became very good friends with both uncle and aunty and spent all my time at their place only and become a very integral part of their family. Uncle was a frequent business traveler but never went for morethan a day or two. I was constantly staring at aunt’s figure and would often masturbate fantasizing about her.She was my dream woman. One day I came early from office since I did not have much work and while I was just settling down at home I got a call from uncle saying he was out on tour and hetold me that he was held up with something important and will be out for atleast another week andif I could take care of his family tillthen. I told him not to worry and promised him to take care… then he called up aunty also and told her to reach out to me for anything she needed help with.
Now after listening to this news the devil in me woke up and I wasreally thrilled and looking forwardto being with her and possibly realize my fantasy of fucking her. While I was lost in my devilish thoughts working out a plan to seduce her someone knocked on my door. I opened the door to find the woman of my dreams standing there in full glory dressed up in killer red sari and ared blouse with a plunging neckline. Her hair was tied up neatly in a bun her two melons were proudly protruding from herchest. Her sari was not very transparent but it could not hide the deep cut blouse and her extra large cleavage. The instant I saw her, my eyes were glued to her chest while I welcomed her in. my lil bro was hard and waiting toget out of my pants. She had a sad face and told me that uncle was going to be away for a long time now and she was surely going to call me more often when she needed help.
My heart was pounding hard hearing this great news and I toldher to forget all the formalities and I would be very glad to be of any help. I also told her that she was looking gorgeous today to which she immediately blushed andsmiled. Then she said that she was going to the school to pickupher younger son and will be back soon. I then asked if she wanted me to accompany her to which she said that was not required and she will be back by 5pm and ifI could come to her place then since she need my help with things. I told her I will be there and wished her bye and she turned around and started walking towards the open door. I can’t describe how beautiful her big and curvy ass was looking draped tightly in the sari and wasswaying sexily while she walked. This time I noticed that she was wearing her sari really low and her milky white waist was completely exposed and was looking very beautiful. I followed her all the way till the lift and waited till she got into it. Then I raced back to my house and freed my monster and started jacking off thinking about the woman of my dreams.
I took a bath and got ready by 5 and knocked on her door. She opened the door with a smile welcoming me in and asked me to get comfortable on the sofa whileshe got me something to drink. Before I could say anything she asked me to keep quiet and to let her do what she wants since she wanted to take care of me. Then she turned around and headed to the kitchen and I saw that swaying ass again. She was still dressed the same and I was beginning to get back my hard on.She brought a glass of fruit juice and bent forward to give it to meand my eyes literally popped out of my head looking at her two bigmelons hanging a few inches from my face because her pallu had slipped to a side. I didn’t want to get caught so I immediately looked back at her in the eye andsmiled thanked her for the juice. She asked me if I had some time in hand, I replied saying I was freefor the rest of the day. Then sheasked me if I could go to the market with her since she wantedto purchase groceries and her son was out for tuitions hence there would be no disturbance… I immediately said sure and she saidshe will get ready and be back in a minute.
She rushed to her room closing the door behind her, I wondered what more did she need to get ready since she just came back from outside. Then I slowly walkedup to her bedroom door and peeped thru the key hole. I saw from the mirror opposite that sheremoved her pallu and unhooked her blouse and spread it apart. Then she cupped each of her boobs with her palms and like repositioned them again in the bra cups. Then she hooked up herblouse again and put back her pallu and rearranged her sari. This is the first time I saw her belly button so clearly and it was looking very sexy. Then she againput on some lipstick, gloss, etc.. I was really enjoying the show and when I saw her move towards thedoor I quickly went and sat back on the sofa.
She came out and said she was ready and if we could leave, I saidsure and got up to go with her. She picked up her scooty keys and we locked the house and left.This time too I walked behind her soaking in the sight of her beautiful butt. I was so lost in myself that I did not realize when she stopped and pushed the lift button and I bumped right into her pushing her against the wall with my hands literally grabbing her from behind and my bulge pressed right into her ass. I apologized saying I was looking elsewhere, she immediately said itwas ok and I should stop saying sorry and thank you since I was amember of their family. I agreed and then she again turned around and told me that I should stop calling her aunty henceforth and just call her Brinda, I could not believe my ears and I told herthat I found it very uncomfortable calling her directly by name because of her age, to which she snubbed me asking if she actually looked that old. I smiled and winked at her and saidanything for you Brinda. She too smiled back saying “now that’s the way my dear Balu”.
We got to the basement and when we reached her bike she asked me if I would love to drive, Ithought to myself that I would todrive you all over especially thosebig boobies. Then I told her that I will prefer to ride pillion since I was not comfortable with the scooty. Then she sat on the seat and started her bike, then she asked me to get on the seat behind her, I immediately got on behind her and sat against the stepny. Now she readjusted her seating position and due to the small seat and her huge ass therewas barely any gap between bothof us and my dick was touching her butt. Then she asked me if was ready so we could go when I told her I needed something to hold on to for support because the roads were in bad condition.
She replied saying I could hold on to her for support. This was the best thing to happen and I immediately placed both my handsfirmly holding her hips from both sides and told her I was comfortable now. As soon as I touched her she jerked up a littleand I immediately asked what happened. She said that she was expecting me to hold her by her shoulders. Now we started off and the breeze was good and I was resting on her back and bothour bodies were in complete contact. I could smell her perfume and also her hair oil. I looked overher shoulder from behind and waszapped by the beautiful sight of her huge boobies and deep cleavage. It suddenly struck me that she could catch me looking from her rear view mirrors and I did not continue staring at her chest.
For the first time I was thankful to bda for not maintaining the roads in a good condition becauseeverytime we went on a pothole Igrabbed her harder and my dick rubbed against her butt. Also withthe wind her pallu was flying and she told me to hold it in place. I grabbed it and held it down pressing it between our bodies. Seeing me fall so frequently on her she asked me if I was ok and Itold her that the road was very rough. Then she asked me to holdon to her more firmly. Seizing the opportunity I hugged her from behind with both my hands around her bare waist. She again jerked a little and when I asked her if something was wrong she said nothing Bala. I now had the opportunity to feel her beautiful waist while my bulge was pressingdeep between her butt and the seat. Infact because of the bumpyride my dick was now between her ass crack and the seat and she had now advanced more backon the seat literally squeezing meagainst the stepny but I did not mind since touching her felt great.
She was feeling really uncomfortable, I could understandthat, but I acted so innocently, the market is nearly 10kms away from home. Now i got bit bolder and slowly moved my palms towards her navel, she was shaking a bit and sometimes I tried to insert my finger in her deep navel, she couldn’t bear it but at the same time she thoughtthat I was simply holding her for grip, meanwhile my dick was rock hard and it was pushing further into her ass. She asked me “are you feeling comfortable?” I said “yes aunty, I have got good grip”,she said “ok but…” I asked “but what aunty”, she said “nothing”, Idon’t know whether she was enjoying or just pretending as if everything was normal. Her sari completely covered my palms which were around her waist and sometimes due to the jumps my hands slipped and kept touching the lower part of her boobs, I thought my god I have my hand around her waist but still her boobs were touching my palms, sohow big her boobs got to be… I thought to myself, ahh i was finding it very hard to keep myself from keeping my hands on her massive milk tanks.
Then I thought of getting bolder and proceeding up to her boobs, but sad by that time we reached the market. She asked me to get down. While getting down from the scooty I acted as if I lost balance and grabbed her by her boobs tightly, aunty got surprisedby this act of mine touching her private milk tank and said hey “be careful don’t fall down”., I said” oops sorry aunty I slipped”, but I thought to myself that I had finally succeeded in touching and grabbing her boobs and was overjoyed, but instead of reacting she just said be careful. Iwas quite confused because I wasnot sure if she enjoyed my boob catch act. Then we started to walk towards market, actually a shopping mall type, we went inside the mall and started purchasing things.
All the shop attendants were openly staring at aunt’s boobs, some guys even brushed their hands on her buttocks which I was silently observing looking from the side, but I was quite surprised that aunty didn’t react at all to all this. I assumed she was aware that her curvaceous structure attracted many men anywhere she went and she couldn’t help all this. ...
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