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[*]reasons y we love her[*]

Dont u like her? Hm...strange... There are so many reasons!

- she is a singer
- she is a dancer
- she made n keeps making her dreams come true
- she´s such goob!
- she´s sexy - she´s got a great fashion style
- she´s fun
- she´s not afraid to change
- she recognises when she´s wrong
- she doesn´t diss other artists
- that big smile ;D
- ´Oops!...´
- she´s so close with her mum
- she´s a woman!
- she gets us on our feet to dance
- she´s smart
- she´s so obsessed with coffee!
- ´im not a girl, not yet a woman´
- that cute giggle! ;P
- she knows what she´s doing
- her ´girls rule´ shirt
- she loves driving
- she made crossroads 4 her fans
- she has a foundation 4 children
- all that energy she shakes with her
- now we like school uniforms (hm..:/)
- "in my heart, if som1 tells me i cant do something, im gonna do it just to prove i can´
- she´s the breathing proof u can b sweet, goofy n sexy at the time
- she reminds us how far we can get, no matter frm where we start
- she´s a strong lady n stronger than yesterday
- the slave dance choreography
- she says sir n madam and please n thank u
- she made a great part as Lucy in crossroads
- she kissed colin farrell
- she was named the most powerful woman of show buiss at the tender age of 20
- she´s a natural brunette
- she looks great as a blond too
- she´s the youngest teenager to sell 10 million copies and she´s a girl!
- madonna is a fan of her
- she sold over 14 million copies of her ´did awful in sales´ album, ´Britney´
- she loves baggy pants
- her gloss lips
- she´s really funny
- she likes fashion but is not obsessed with how she looks
- her favorite colour is baby-blue
- she loves bubble baths
- her drive
- ´oh baby, baby´
- the way she´s always saying ´it was like...´, ´i was like...´
- she´s really sweet
- she´s got wonderful fans!
- ´lets go girls´
- she knows how to listen
- she´s writing her own songs
- she gets what she wants
- ´she´s a very sweet girl´...these words by Pink, Colin Farell, Fred Durst
- her favorite song off ´bomt´ is ´from the bottom of my broken heart´
- her favorite song off ´oidia´ is ´dont let me be the last to know´
- her favorite song off ´britney´ is ´im a slave 4 u´
- her favorite song off ´itz´ is ´everytime´ n ´boom boom´
- she listens n loves otis redding
- she´s enthusiastic
- she drinks a 2lt of water a day ;)
- u cant take ur eyes off her when she´s on stage
- she laughs at herself
- she´s got a very ´different sense of humour´
- ´oops!...i did it again´ is the highest selling album in the 1st week by a female in history
- she´s really girlie
- her bad habit is to get up in the middle of the night to eat icecream
- she´s HOT
- one of her favorite movies is ´titanic´
- she´s got the best make-up style!
- she´s got a golden heart
- ´i like miniskirts. They make me feel sexy´
- she has chats with her fans
- she reads a lot
- she always thanks the fans in award shows
- she LAUGHED when Eminem laughed at her in his video
- she performed with Michael Jackson
- she looks great in whatever she wears
- she´s very open minded
- she plays basketball
- she was hypnotised to stop biting her nails (n it didnt work) ;)
- her least favorite subject in high school was geometry
- her nr one beauty secret is lots n lots of sleep
- ´she´s a very simple girl´ -daft punk words
- one of her favorite songs is ´open arms´ by journey
- she´s very kind
- she gave the MIDDLE finger to the paparazzi who were pulling her off the road at mexico
- she dated justin timberlake
- she´s very professional
- her big brown eyes
- she´s not afraid to b super sexy like in the mtv vma´s 2000 performance
- that sexy look she´s got in photos
- she doesnt think showing her belly or being sexy is bad
- pepsi´s world cup video
- her superbowl performance
- sticking her tongue out in her 1st pepsi add (very beautiful)
- her bad ass sign: nipple ring
- that healthy body
- her favorite album is m.jackson´s ´thriller´
- she´s such a lady in interviews
- she just did 2 photo shoots 4 men magazines, fhm n maxim
- her fav subject in high school was english
- her favorite song to dance on tours is ´crazy´
- she likes her hair best when it´s long
- she´s a fan of whitney houston
- ´born to make u happy´ :D
- she loves boxing
- ´it was a mistake. I should have never said i was virgin´
- crossroads´ promo: dreams change, friends r 4ever
- she´s much more beautiful in person
- her southern accent
- she listens to her heart
- ´i freakin love Avril´s stuff. It freakin rocks. Avril doesnt really dance, but whatever´
- she practiced yoga
- she´s an idealist
- those super-white-super-perfect teeth
- she´s very sensible
- a fan who run into Brit in her orlando dwad concert said brit ´smells like vanilla, has soft hair
, was really nice n showed me some dance moves´
- she likes bugs bunny
- she´s got 5-8 tatoos (really dnt knw how much)
- she´s a dreamer

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