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Baby‘s Safety

Always monitor the baby very carefully and follow these simple tipsto keep the baby safe and away from any sort of danger:

Safety from Choking and Suffocation:

• Allow babies to sleep alone on their backs. Keep pillows, blankets and toys out of their reach.
• Do not hang anything with strings or ribbons over cribs. Mobiles should be removed oncethe baby starts to sit-up.
• Children can choke on small things like buttons, coins, jewelry and toys. Always keep these things away from their reach.
• Read the labels of all toys before letting the child play with them. Make sure the child is old enough to use that toy.
• Cut the toddlers’ food into very small bites.
• Always make sure children eat while sitting down. Do not let them have round food like peanuts or hard candy.

Safety from fire:

• Make sure a smoke alarm is inside or near every bedroom. Test each smoke alarm every month.
• If the smoke alarms are more than 10 years old, replace them with new smoke alarms.
• If possible, get “interconnected” smoke alarms which are linked together so ifone alarm sounds, they all go off.
• Have window guards or window stops on upper windows which can be opened easily in case of any fire.
• Use a baby carrier that leaves the hands free in case of crawl under the smoke to getoutside.
• Lock up all matches and lighters where children cannot see or touch them.

Safety from fall:

• Use safety gates at the tops and bottoms of stairs. For the top of stairs, gates that screw to the wall are more secure than the pressure gates.
• Always use safety straps on high chairs, changing tables and strollers.
• Wipe up spills when they happen in order to prevent any incidence of fall.
• Cover the ground under playground equipment with a thick layer (9-12 inches approximately) of mulch, wood chips or other safety material.

Safety from Poisons:

• Look at the labels for the words “Caution,” “Warning,” “Danger,” “Poison,” or “Keep Out of Reach of Children” onthe box or bottle.
• Make a list of all the poisonous things in the house and keep them out of reach of children.
• Remove all medicines and medical supplies from purses, pockets and drawers. Keep them locked up.
• Put cleaners, medicines, alcohol and other poisons in a cabinet with a child safety lock or latch. Have child safety caps on all chemicals, medications and cleaning products.
• Keep the emergency care number always by the sides in case of anyemergency.
• Have a service person check the functioning ofthe heaters, stove and fireplaces. These are a source of carbon monoxide, a deadly gas which cannot be seen, smelled or tasted.
• Put a carbon dioxide alarm near every room in the house. This will monitor the level of CO and raise the alarm in case of any danger.

Safety from Water:

• Drowning can happen very fast. Stay within an arm's reach of youngchildren when they are in or near water.
• Have toilet lid locked after use. Put locks on the outside of the bathroom door to keep children out.
• Keep large buckets turned over so that water cannot collect inside them. Very youngchildren can drown in 1-2 inches of water.
• Put a fence all the way around any water body like the pool or spa. The fencing should be at least five feet high and a self-closing and self-latching gate. Always keep the gate closed and locked.
• Set the home water heater at 120 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent any water burns.
• Babies and young children have thin skin. Install special tub spouts and shower heads that prevent hot water burns.
• Maintain the water temperature to be usedfor the baby’s bath to around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This is necessary to prevent and skin burns as the babies have soft and thin skin.

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