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I am sick and tired of boys treating me like ****. I want the tables turned. But first, what is a playette ? And how does she make it work ?
This one is unisex. What discribes player and playette, also is considered to be a person that knows how to cheat with a class and never get disclosed.a
A player is a hustler, who buys drinks for females, have sex with them, and dumps them. Basically this particular person can mess with few people in a same day. Some one who dates more than 2people atonce or some one who is just in it for game it means like a guy or girl who sex more than 1 person.
Playette = I do'nt know if it excists ! I still debate about that with guys, they say femeles always get played even if they think they are the ones playing game. Mind you I want to be a believer that females are players.
The way females playette acts is that she does'nt have to necessary get presents from you, expensive stuff or frequent visits to expensive restaurants but the fact that you knowing her for 2weeks already paying her cellphone bill just str8 up makes her a pimp !!!
HA ! I love this because its just so funny that guys tend to get so stupid over easy.
Now when it comes to them being playette , there is a different level that doesn't involve your pocket but your brain and heart preferably. Basically she is sweet and caring and you think you got her all, when really she never had feelings for you. She is just a maneater that get you attached and fall for her trap.
Playa = a man that never get denied by a woman, even if he is @ nasty to her = .
He has somuch game that he can flip a chick off and she will still chase his * * *.
Not literally but she will go for that tough aggressive man that attracts her so bad.
Now mind you the only difference between regular a* * hole and player is that player does it smartly. He does it so good that it is actually attractive.
Some one that needs to get a life, life is too short to be playing them selves out of true love and life is full of enough pain to cause more pain. There is no need for any game playing. Life is too short.
To me a playa is someone who lies and menipulates to get people in his corner. He never really dates but manages minds games to maintain the upperhand in the situation and make a woman feel like he's superior and he can do no worng.
A playette is a little different because most woman tend to be more honest about seeing more then one guye.
However she too can be manipulative to get what she want.
Former playette..... Retired cause life gets hard and its a waste of time to want to play myself from an honest, respectable, proud, sweet man that makes my life complete and sweet :)
FK the playas.... A real man is measured by how he takes care of his family.

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