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¤> Here the deal with " just being your self "<¤

When you'r nervous around a hotgirl, you're not " being your self ". You're being more introverted, quieter and shyer than you normally are because you don't want to massup or get rejected.
When you try and fake confidence " you're not being yourself. You're trying to be a caricature of what you thing you should be, as opposed to who you really are.
When you talk to girls, you're dispereately trying to keep the conversation going because you're afraid of awkward.
The simple fact is women are just not like guys. They think different, look different, sound different, have a different aroma and handle their relationship different. And you Love 'em it right .... Error....well, most of the time......
But have you ever tried to understand a woman or get her tell you what she wants, when she gets upset with you ?
Its tough right ? She expects you to read her mind and just " know " have you ever found that with women ?
And if you cannot read her mind, have you noticed how she likes to be upset for a long long time ?
Yes ? Have you sometimes wondered if women are different species.
The simple truth is this :- Only women can ever understand another woman. So they only ever say what they REALLY want from guys to other woman.
PERSONALITY : Personality is all about who you are, its about being yourself all the time and attracting people to you who appreciate your personality.
When you have the right personality you : -
Never have to worry about running out of things to say to a girl.
Are more fun to be around...
Can be incredibly interesting and engaging....
Tent to be more out going and personable....
Are more relaxed and therefore funnier....
Have people seeking out to spend time with you....
Are more outgoing and get more attention....
Are way more attractive than people who do'nt have very good personality....
And the best part about it is " you don't have to change who you are to get it to work " your personality is all about you.
In order to use your personality to get hot girls interested in you. You have to be able to :
Communicate your character through your own personal stories.
Know what it takes to keep people entertained and interested in you.
Use humor to manipulate people's emotions.
Gain instant reputation no matter where you are. So you can raise your social statuse immediately.
Create sexual tension that caries through all your interaction with women.
Be extroverted and get people to notice you , even if you don't say anything.

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