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showpic - Woman


The poetry of the earth is never dead - John Keats

Earth angel...
Again i love the uniquenss and naturalness of this, how her diverse style, such as her hair and clothes, compliment her feet, and how she appears be to be so at ease with being barefoot.
I particularly love her skirt, which, with its loose freedom and serene colours, is perfectly suited to the physical and sensual aspects of walking in bare feet.
I also love the length of it, how it covers up her legs, but leaves her feet free to feel the energy of the earth around them, and the poetry of it beneath them.
By walking on grass, choosing to experience this poetry on an extremely personal level, she is a showing herself to be a very sensuous girl, truly in contact with the transcendence of nature, and with its power and beauty flowing through her body.
And by appearing to master its complex verses with such consumate ease, she is showing herself to be in touch with the earth both on a physical and spiritual level, enjoying and respecting natures infinite power and beauty at the same time.
This is a girl full of thrill and adventure, but also of care and compassion at the same time, strong and yet vulnerable, a girl whose poetry and mystique is as deep as the earth bristling beneath her bare feet.



There is something very powerful and intriguing about a girl that chooses to feel and experience the sensation of every different surface she walks upon, showing she is deeply sensuous, yet extremely adventurous at the same time.

It has many erotic qualities, showing a female with heightened senses, who is open minded and unafraid to try new or different experiences, and who is finely in tune with herself and her spiritual side.

It is particularly beautiful if she barefoot outdoors, especially on a natural surface such as grass or sand, in touch with the spirituality and transcendence of the earth on a very personal level, letting it enter her body through her feet.

Being at one with mother nature, enjoying its infinite energy bristling between and beneath her toes, portrays a positive, free-spirited, and fun loving girl, who wishes to experience all aspects of life with every part of her body.

It also shows a girl who respects and recognises the power and beauty of mother nature, who is highlighting her vulnerability at her hands, and exploring her higher power and energy.

This gives a strong sense of her caring and compassionate nature, and her deep self-awareness and humility.

I feel this is particularly true if she displays a free, hippy style with the rest of her body, using the similar philosophical hippy connotations to enhance those given by her bare feet.

I also love dirty or grass stained feet, showing a female who has been enjoying the energy of the earth beneath her feet for a long enough period of time for it to become ingrained on her soles, as well as her soul.

Walking barefoot on man-made surfaces often carries similar connotations, showing a sensuous, free spirited, and fun loving girl, and although some may not be as strong, such as the spiritual and earthly connotations, others are heightened in their place.

For example, a girl walking barefoot through a town or city is extremely sensuous and beautiful, as the amount of different surfaces for her to explore, and the potential for dirty soles, all enhance her connotations of adventure and excitement.

Overall, I feel the way the surface a girl walks barefoot upon can alter or enhance the sensuous connotations associated with her bare feet is beautiful itself, adding to the deep poetry, artistry, and mystique of barefoot girls.

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