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Multimedia gallery

beauty - Woman


The sixties wasn't the answer, they were just a glimpse of the possibilities - John Lennon

Flip flops in her hand...
Carrying her comfortable shows that she enjoys the feel of the ground beneath her incredibly black soles.
Her loose and free dress perfectly suits the sensuous, natural, and free aspect of barefooting, letting her body feel the breeze around her like her lack of shoes does her feet, whereas its discreet and sultry colours make her appear effortlessly beautiful.
casual girl

Casual style... Her natural look, light and calm colours, and casual jeans, all combine perfectly with her bare feet, in enhancing her natural beauty, and showing a laid back and down to earth girl, enjoying the free and sensuous nature of the breeze around her toes. I love how her long jeans covers all of her legs, leaving only her feet bare, emphasising how purposeful they are, and really highlighting their sensuous nature, by showing that they are the one part of her body she likes to keep free. The baggy style of her jeans, combined with her unobtrusive colours, also shows that she isn't intentionally drawing attention to herself or her bare feet, despite the fact that her effortless beauty shines through more than any created beauty, and that her lack of shoes is down to her own desire for freedom and comfort, rather than as a fashion statement. She obviously doesn't care who sees them, further enhancing her natural and down to earth connotations.

picture by distantstar
picture by distantstar

Long skirt and barefoot sandals... The fabric and looseness of her skirt oozes freedom and comfort, and with its natural imagery, perfectly compliments her free and natural feet, indicating why she chooses to wear no shoes. This girl obviously doesn't like any part of her body confined in uncomfortable clothing. The ankle length of her skirt also leaves her bare feet as the only permanently exposed part of her body below her waist, emphasising their extra sensuous nature and importance, by showing they are the one part of her body she loves to keep completely free. I also love her barefoot sandals, as the fact she has decided to wear these instead of shoes really emphasises how deliberate her bare feet are, and how important it is for her to feel the ground beneath her soles. The way they also subtly advertise her bare feet also add a possible element of self awareness to this girl, perhaps a realisation of how beautiful she looks. This adds extra mystery and intrigue to her, which cries out to be unravelled.

picture by distantstar

Short blue dress... This girl has naturally beautiful feet, matching her gorgeous legs and body, and she emphasises and enhances the beauty of all three with her revealing dress and complete lack of footwear. The short length of her dress especially draws attention to the beauty of her feet, leaving them fully exposed, showing them in context with the rest of her body, and highlighting how they, along with the rest of her body, are unenhanced by shoes. This portrays a down to earth girl, aware of and comfortable with her natural beauty, and who is making the statement 'I don't need shoes or high heels to look sexy.' The calm, serene, and unobtrusive colour of her dress also supports this, showing that she doesn't need bold, eye-catching colours to look gorgeous, as her natural light is already bright enough. The blue colour also matches the blue skies of summer, perfectly complimenting her bare feet, her natural symbol of the freedom of summer.

picture by distantstar

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