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missing u yeah mmhh

rememba this mmhh (3sum yeah)..

one: dere meet ur dwter
one: Lets fuck her till she...scream
kornia_16 has left
none: the bitch is gone
none has invited sweettempation to the group chat
none: hallo sweety
none: sweety meet one
none has invited tytebooty to the group chat
none: tyte meet one plz
one: Hi swt
none: here we r 4 a brilliant orgy
none: we gona abuse of U
sweettempation: Hi
sweettempation: .
none: yeah sweety..plz introduce urself 2 one mmhh
none: I push my tongue in2 ur mouth huni..nd his hands on ur boobs
one: cm to daddy...n play wit my dick bby
sweettempation: U both knw me!
one: Ya bby....
none: yeahh sweety we both knwin U nd now bangin U ..gangbangin U..
none: nd U feel so h0rny mmmhh
one: Call me daddy lil whore
tytebooty has left.
sweettempation: O yea daddy
none: mmmhhh sweety U feel my hands on ur boobs..ur nipps turnin hard mmmhh
sweettempation: Playn wid ur cock and ur balls suckng them
one: Dere play wit her pussy...she sucking my cock
none: ooohh yeah she's so good in playin with 2 c0cks aahh
one: Ah ah ah bby,,,u suck better dan ur mom lil whore
none: she sharin her mouth on our 2 c0cks mmmhh
none: she's so damn good
sweettempation: Suck my boobs derek put them whole n ur mouth
none: yeah sweety mmhhh suckin ur big boobs ooohhh pushin them in my mouth nd suck
one: Swt hold ur head n push my dick in deep throat bby
none: my tongue lickin nd suckin ur nipps..I bite them..U moanin loudly
none: ooohh yeah my hands playin wiz ur wet cunt mmhh
sweettempation: Yea suckng u both pushng n two hard cock jus luvng it..
one: Ah ah ah swt bby...suck me hard bby
none: oohh yeah mmmhhh aaahh U so damn hot babe aaahh
none: nd U know we gonna fuckin U
none: together mmmhh
one: Dere ur dwter like ur we fuck her too
none: I lift ur 1leg up..ready 2 take ur pussy while U deepthroatin ur daddy
none: yeah she's so damn good aaahh
sweettempation: O yea derek u makng my pussy ooze out juices lick my juice
none: yeah mmmhhh I lick all that juice mmhh
one: Swt bby...nw suck my balls
one: Dere u wana drink her pee?
none: yeah mmmhh pee on me babe aaahh
none: mmmhh mmmhhh aaaahhh slurp mmmhh
none: I lift ur 1leg up..ready 2 take ur pussy while U deepthroatin ur daddy
none: my huge c0ck so damn hard yes
one: Swt bby...pee to ur daddys mouth
sweettempation: I pee on u nw... Suckng daddy hard and fast
none: file sent
one: Swt fingr my ass bby as i fucking ur mouth
none: file sent
none: ooohh yeah aahhh
none: file sent
one: Dere hw tasty her pee?
none: I enjoy all that rain mmmmmhhh so tastefull aaahh
sweettempation: Daddy open ur mouth drink my pee dnt let a single drop go waste
none: it's saly one..kiss me nd U taste her pee too through my mouth
none: yeah ooohh my mouth full of gold rain
one: Oh swt...u suck my ass hole...n dere suck her ass
sweettempation: O derek u want more..
none: yeah U know what I want mmhhh
sweettempation: Nw wipe me clean wid ur tongue
none: yeah sweety wipe U perfectly..feel my tongue cleanin all that juices nd pee ooohh yeah
sweettempation: ?
none: file sent
none: mmmhh I wana drill ur ass now nawty babe
one: swt nw i wana shit in ur mouth bby
none: bendin U ova
none: slappin ur butts
sweettempation: Ooo yea hun nw bite my clit push ur tongue deep n my hole
none: yeah ooohhh aaahhh my tongue diggin that little hole
none: U screamin when my tetths on that swallowen clit aahh
one: Swt bby...u wana shit in dere mouth?
sweettempation: Oo yea wana feel ur hard cock up my ass aahh screwng me
none: one do ur job aahh
none: sweety I wana call U on phone ne listenin at U screamin now aaahh
none: yeah nawty babe I push dat huge hard c0ck up in2 ur ass
sweettempation: Guys i gotto go..
none: yeah screwin U so damn wild in dat ass aaaahh
none: U gonna cummin babe
one: Oh fucking ur pussy bby
none: spankin ur butts nd rammin ur tyt arse aaaah
sweettempation: Gtg nw
none: make us cummin huni
sweettempation: .
none: let us fill U up completely
none: aaahah ooohh
none: doublepenetratin U
none: fasta
none: deepa
none: harda
none: aaahh aaahhh ooohhh OMG
none: fuck man fuck yes yes yes
none: gona burst my load mmmhhh
none: yes yes ooohhhhhhh
sweettempation: Im jus luvng it.. U both makng me go mad o yea hun aaaah fuckng me n both d holes ooo makng me scream
sweettempation: .
none: yeah bitch yeah drillin U up completely
one: Oh dere nw suck my dick u n ur mom
none: I wana feel her up completely wiz my sperm
sweettempation: Yea ooo yes cum n me push n deeper go faster up nd down n my holes aaaaah
one: Me fucking ur tyt pussy
none: yeah luv U bitch yes yes I feel dat otta c0ck in ur pussy while drillin ur tyt ass mmhh aaahh fasta
none: deeper
sweettempation: Fill my pusc and asshole wid cum wan a feel ur cum shoot up n me aah
none: gona cummin yeah yeah yeah scream bitch scream so loudly
none: cum wiz me cum wiz us aahh aahhh aahhh
sweettempation: Aaah aaah aaaa..
none: aaaaahhh aahhhh aaahh yeeeeaaaahh cuuuum
one: Swt i wana cum in ur mouth bby
sweettempation: Oo yes yes aaah me cumming wid every jerk of ur cock aah
one: Swt bby....suck me hard till i cum
sweettempation: O yea one fuck my mouth fil my mouth wid ur cum ooo
none: ooohhh so much cummin aaahhh so much sperm yeah mmhh
none: ooohhhh it's flowin massive mmmhhh aaahhh
sweettempation: Suckng one hard as derek drillin me ooo yea me cummin
one: Oh bby me to cuming n my dog sucking ur pussy
none: ooohhh yeah aaahhhh mmmmhh so much sperm all ova dat ass..ur butts..ouzin ur tyt hole mmhh
sweettempation: Oo yea i can feel u cum derek aaah
none: aahhhh yes mmmhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
one: Swt to cumin in ur mouth n u drink it lil whore
sweettempation: O derek nw clean it wid ur fingers and put ur fingers n my mouth wana taste ur cum
none: I gave all dat out bbabe..every single drop mmhh
sweettempation: Drink ur cum yeaaa love it mmmm
none: yeah cleanin..nd offerin 2 ur hungry sticky..
one: Oh bby...ah ah ah ah...hw its taste bby
none: yeah sweety..drink dat sticky tasty sperm
sweettempation: Yea derek .. Mmmmm.. Jus wana make u both cuming as i drink it
one: Oh bbby..mawh
one: Nw clean my dick bby
none: ooohhh yeah drink dat sperm babe..nd let me pee too mmmhh
sweettempation: Yeaaa.. Love dat sticky cum rub ur sticky cock all ova my body nd lick me lyk hungry dogs eat me
sweettempation: .
none: drippin pee on ur warm nd tasty...
sweettempation: Mmmmm
none: yeah showerin U wiz my pee aahh so damn good
none: njoy that yes ooohh
sweettempation: Derek hun drinkng ur pee... It so tasty hun.. Mmm
one: Wat about my pee bby?
none: ppphh I luv ur devotion mt nawty bitch yeah mmmmhh
none: nd now I lick ur body as an hungry dog..nd U one piss ova us plz
sweettempation: Uncle i wana drink ur pee aswell i wana shower as u both pee on me
sweettempation: Ooo jus luv it.. Yes yes
one: Owo....u so swt bby....dere u to...
one: Me start pee on both of u bbby
sweettempation: Yea one wana shower wid u piss
none: ooohhh yeah uncle I feel ur rain..nd I lick dat rain on her wet soft skin aaahh
sweettempation: Yea ahhh
one: Oh pee from ur face to bubs...
none: now kissin U uncle in ur mouth while U pee on her face nd boobs mmmhh
sweettempation: Yes yes derek lick it all frm my body
none: mmmhh U feel my tongue workin on ur smooth skin darling
sweettempation: Uncle u makng makng us hot wid ur pee
one: Het dere dnt do dat i dnt lyk guy
none: don't panic..just appreciation 4 ur job yeah..U pee so much on her
sweettempation: .
one: Oh ah ah ah....
none: mmmhhhh ur rain make me hot again mmmhhh
sweettempation: Yea hun i can feel u lickng me al ova
one has left.
none: sweety spread ur legs as I lick U all ova mmhh I wana eat ur pussy nd taste uncle's sperm
sweettempation: .
none: mmmhhh yeah ur pussy flawoured with his precum mmhh
sweettempation: Uncles gne baby
none: possibly he will bebk..hope so mmhh
sweettempation: Baby my legs wide open for u.. Tongue fuck my pusy
none: yeah little bitch push ur feet harda on my bk as I drill ur pusy wiz dat tongue
sweettempation: Baby u lyk how my pusc tastes ahhh
none: tonguefuckin U yeah
none: yeah little bitch I luv ur taste..smeelin of pleasure nd male precum aahh
sweettempation: Ooo yea ahhh baby u do me mad me moanin loud
none: I wana listen at u in the phone screamin 4me..
none: +393408033697
none: yeah mmmhh cupin ur ass keepin ur pussy tytly against my face nd suckin nd eatin
sweettempation: Oo hun.. Yeah
none: call me aaahh
none: pushin my tongue in2 ur wet tasty pusy nd thrust fast..
none: ur clit so damn swallowin mmmhhh
none: ooohhhhh
sweettempation: Baby baby my legs tighty wrapped around ur face as u eat my pusc aaah
none: ur numba little bitch aaahh
none: yeah I feel ur legs squeezin my head oohh so good ur smeell mmhh
sweettempation: Aaaaah aah aaah ah baby
none: nd pushin 2 fingas in ur tyt ass as well oooohh
none: ur numbaaa plz oooohhhh
none: mmmhh mhhhh mmmhh slurp slap slap sllap
sweettempation: Ooo yea bite me, eat me.. Suck me
none: mmhhhh almost rippin ur wet cheeks off wiz my suction aaaahh
none: my teeth on ur clit snap snap snap mmmmmmhhh aaahhh
sweettempation: I sit on face and rub my pussy all ova ur face spreadng my pusc juice aaah
none: on phone baby make me cum again on phone aaahh
none: ooohhhh my god yes I feel ur tasty juice all ova my beard nd mustaches
sweettempation: Baby ur teeth tearing my clit aah
sweettempation: .
none: rub fast abe rub fast nd my beard tigglin ur clit mmmhh nd now mmy teeth tearin ur clit yes
sweettempation: ?
none: aaaaaaaahhh ooohh ur ass so damn cute yeah nd ur clit so big in my teeth aaahh
none: ur numba luv
none: plz mmmhh
none: ride my face tìyes yes yes
none: squirt on me mmmhhh
sweettempation: Rubbin faster moaning louder yeaa coverin all ur face
none: fart nd squirt on me aahhh rubbin fasta yeah yeah
none: huni trust in me..ur numba nd we'll cum on phone aaahh
sweettempation: Faster presin my pusing against ur face
none: me gaggin unda ur pussy and ass aahh chockin
none: yeah tightly aaahhh I gagg I gagg nd I push my tongue even longer aaahh
sweettempation: Cummin on ur face oo yeaa yes
none: U smellin so good aaahhh yeah cum bitch cum on me
none: +393408033697 aaaahhhh
sweettempation: Aahh and nw m jumping ova ur face as u push n ur tongue deeper
sweettempation: Cumming on u.. Yea.. My cum ova ur face yes
none: yeah yeah drown me with ur juices aaahh
none: jump on my face aaahhh ur butts on my cheeks mmmhhh
none: my tongue gettin in so much depth aahh
sweettempation: ...
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