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Emulate The Prophet

(Al Quran – 4 : 51, 52 )
51 Hast thou not turned thy vision to those who were given a portion of the Book? They believe in sorcery ( idols ) and evil (satan) and say to the unbelievers that they are better guided in the (right) way than the believers!
52 They are (men) whom Allah hath cursed: and those whom Allah hath cursed thou wilt find, have no one to help.

Allah says in the Quran : the Jews and the Christians were given the Book, but they went astray, and warns the Muslims not to be like them.

When Allah says I gave them guidance, he says that he gave the believers a path, the path of Allah and His Rasool, and those that call themselves believers should follow the Quran and the Saheeh Hadees, but instead they followed the Kafirs, who, believe in Satan and the idols and have also stipulated their way accordingly, when the believers take up the path of the Kafirs, they are indirectly saying that the ways of the kafirs are better than the path shown by Allah and His prophet, such people Allah curses and those that Allah curses, would not be able to find any help from anyone.
For example, lets take the celebration of BIRTHDAYS, it is celebrated in most Muslim homes. Now, how did birthday celebration come into existence:
In ancient Rome, they were idolaters, the Romans used to celebrate the birthday of their sun god RA, on the 25th of December and the Christians of those days, to please the king of Rome, also joined in the celebration, saying, we too would celebrate the birthday of Jesus, (though Jesus was not born on the 25th of December), this is how birthday celebration came into existence.
This is totally an idolaters practice (kafirs practice) to be shunned by the Muslims, but ignorant people especially in the Asian countries today even celebrate the birthday of our beloved Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w), though neither the Sahabas nor Prophet (s.a.w) celebrated it. Another example is the marriages conducted in Muslim homes, all we need to conduct a marriage is:
Two witnesses, the consent of the bride and bridegroom, and the Mahr is to be determined by the bride, if these conditions are met with the marriage is over, and the next day or a few days later a walima is to be hosted by the bridegroom;
And this Walima (marriage banquet) is especially held to announce the marriage to the public, that so and so are legally wedded. And the walima could be a feast, or even just a small tea and snacks, and even if this cannot be afforded, then a formal announcement to the public is sufficient. Inviting people to the marriage and holding a big feast is the way of the Kafirs, these people who hold such marriage feasts on the day of the marriage are emulating the ways of the Kafirs, might look very small, but what they are really doing is, throwing away the practices of the Prophet (sal), and they are emulating the Kafirs,
Take for example the marriage of Abdur Rahman bin Auf (r.a) : one day he came to the Prophet (sal) dressed in scented new clothes, and the Prophet (sal) asked him what was the occasion, and he told him, Ya Rasoolullah I got married. Medina was a small town, and Rasool (sal) was in Medina, and he was not only not invited for the marriage, he was not even informed about it. And then Mohammed (sal) asked him what Mahr did you give, and Abdur Rahman bin Auf told him; I gave gold to the amount of a date seed. Hearing this Rasool (sal) said, then host a walima atleast With a sheep, (to inform the public about his marriage.
Another example, Rasool (sal)’s marriage with Safia (r.a) the marriage was conducted, and though the sahabas were in surrounding tents, none knew about the marriage, until, on the 3rd day Rasool (sal) asked for a sheet to be spread and asked the sahabas to bring out anything edible they had, and the sahabas brought dates, yogurt, butter, honey etc. and they were all invited to the meal, and Rasool (sal) announced formally – This is my walima, I and Safia are legally wedded.
In the case of Fathima (r.a)’s marriage, Rasool (sal) just recited a dua (may Allah bestow his blessings on both of you, and in both of your consumption) and sent Fathima (r.a) to Ali (r.a)’s house; and then a walima was given.
like this we can see that at no occasion did Rasool (sal) nor the Sahabas invite the public on the marriage day for any banquet, it was only for the walima that they were invited. Inviting the public for the marriage festival is the way of the Kafirs, and many of the Muslim families are following the path of the Kafirs. They are indirectly saying
That the path of the kafirs is better than the path shown by Allah and His Rasool.

These are a few examples; there are many others, like, when a death takes place, or when a child is born, etc. etc. where the ways of the kafirs are followed.
May Allah give us Hidayath, and make it easy for us to emulate Rasool (sal) in all our day to day lives. And protect us from emulating the Kafirs (ameen).
Friends, when we follow the Kafirs, it too amounts to Shirk, for they have stipulated their ways believing in satan and the idols.
If you think that Muslims should know about this fact, please share this message to as many Muslims as possible.

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