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To day people who profess themselves as Muslims have segregated themselves into different groups and sects i.e. Shia, Sunni, Khadiyani, Bahai, Hanafee, Shafee, Hambalee, Malikee, Tablique, Jamath-e-Islami, Ahlay Hadees, JAQH, Tawheed, etc. etc. etc. ……………… . Little in their ignorance, do they realize that when they divide they go out of the folds of Islam, for example, when a person calls himself a Hanafee, then he is only a Hanafee and not a Muslim, similarly when a person calls himself a Shafee, then that person is just a Shafee, not a Muslim, Allah says in the Quran (6:159) and (3:105) that people who segregate into different groups have nothing to do with the Prophet Mohamed (s.a.w) and if they have nothing to do with the Prophet then how can one be a Muslim ??? At this juncture we should understand that the Jews and Christians had a prophet chosen by Allah for them and they too brought the revelation from Allah, but now we do not consider them as believers because they transgressed from what Allah and His Prophet said. To-day also the people who have segregated into different groups and sects blindly follow some Imam or the other, to an extent that even if the Imams go contradictory to Quran and Hadees they blindly follow them, and what is more all these segregated groups have their own laws and law books, which though take some of the Quran and Hadees some of their laws are different from the Quran and Hadees, and in that they have many rules and regulation contradictory to Quran and Hadees.

Allah chose Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w) to show us and teach us the religion Islam, and those who accept Islam as their religion are Muslims, Allah is the only religious law maker and none else have the right to make religious laws, not even the Prophets, they only convey the laws given by Allah to us, so – when an Alim or Imam say something, it is the duty of every Muslim to see whether Allah and His Prophet have said so, if not, we should NOT accept it, however great the Alim or Imam might be, when he contradicts Quran and Hadees then we should abstain from following it, and we should throw away what the Alim or Imam says and adhere to the Quran and Hadees if any consider themselves Muslims. If the Alim or Imam say something contradictory to Quran and Hadees and you blindly follow them then Allah says you have taken your Alims and Imams as God, - Quran (9:31) This is how the Christians and the Jews went astray, So dear Muslim brothers and sisters do not make such a mistake. To day the majority of Muslims are ignorant of the Quran and Hadees and blindly follow their Alims and Imams even when they go contradictory to Quran and Hadees, little knowing they are committing Shirk by so doing - a sin far greater than prostitution, gambling, stealing, and drinking liquor.

Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w) said : When a person innovates in Islam (biddath) and when people follow the innovation then Allah CURSES the innovator and those who follow the innovations. Narrated by: Ali (R.A) – books: Muslim, Nisayee.

Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w) said: The Prayer, Fasting, Zakath, Haj, Charity, ones effort in Islam, and ones expenses for Islam of an innovator and those who follow innovations are all totally rejected by Allah, and the person would be taken out of Islam just as a hair is taken out of kneaded flour. Narrated by: Hudaifa (R.A.) – book: Sunan Ibnu Maja.

Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w) said: Those who perform deeds in Islam which is not advocated or shown by me would be rejected by Allah. Narrated by: Aeysha (R.A) – Books: Bukhari, Muslim.

So dear brothers and sisters in Islam please make sure that what you do as virtuous deeds are deeds really advocated by Allah and His Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w) to-day so many things are done as virtuous deeds by Muslims which are really INNOVATIONS (Biddaths) especially when a person dies, and when a person gets married, and when a boy is circumcised, or when a girl comes of age, why sometimes even in prayer and in so many other occasions. Please verify as to how our Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w) showed us and go accordingly to save your virtuous acts and to make them a great asset and to be of use to you in this world and in the here-after.

It is these innovated acts that have segregated the Muslims into different groups and sects; so please purify yourselves from these innovations and groups and sects and come out as TRUE MUSLIMS and dissolve all difference of opinions in the light of Quran and Sahih Hadees – for this is the only way the entire Muslim world can UNITE - call yourselves MUSLIMS and follow strictly the Quran and Hadees as shown by Allah and His Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w).

May Allah Guide us to Victory and Success in this world and in the here after.

Please share this message with as many Muslims as you can.


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