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Innovations in Islam


The Jews and Christians were at one time Muslims, the Torah, and the Ingeel (Bible) were books (revelations) from Allah, and their Prophets, Moses, and Jesus were the Prophets chosen by Allah, and their followers were TRUE MUSLIMS. But after the Prophets, they introduced new methods, i.e. innovated in religion; to such extents that Allah calls them Kafirs. Allah and His Prophet curse people who innovate in religion,

(Mohammed (sal)) said: The best of words are the words of Allah (Quran) and the
Best of ways are the ways of Mohammed (sal) (Hadees),
The worst of actions are Biddaths (innovations), and all
Innovations (in religion) lead to Hell fire.
Narrated by: Jabir (r.a) - Books: Bukhari, Nisayee, Muslim.

(Mohammed (sal)) said: Those who perform (religious) duties, not shown, or accepted
By me, will be rejected by Allah.
Narrated by: Aeysha (r.a) - Books: Bukhari, Muslim.

(Mohammed (sal)) said: The Prayer (salah), Fasting, Zakath (charity), Haj, the efforts
in, and for religion, and the religious expenses , of an Innovator
(and of those who follow innovator’s) will not be accepted by
Allah. Just as a hair is removed from kneaded flour, they the
Innovators would be removed from the religion of Islam.
Narrated by: Hudaifa (r.a) – Book: Sunan Ibnu Maja.

(Mohammed (sal)) said: Allah curses those who follow innovators.
Narrated by: Ali (r.a) - Books: Muslim, Nisayee

Religion has been taught to us by Allah, through His Prophet, and His Book, and as far as religion is concerned, Allah wants us to follow it strictly without any changes, He curses those who introduce new acts in religion; and also strictly warns us not to follow innovations, it is only by innovations people before us went astray, to the extent they were called Kafirs by Allah, and none of the religious acts of innovators and those who follow innovators are accepted by Allah.

When people innovate Allah is very angry with them, they are in fact trying to teach Allah of a new religion, and in the Quran Allah asks:

Say (unto them, O Mohammed): Would ye teach Allah Your
Religion? When Allah knows all that is in the heavens and
(Al Quran – 49:16)

Any action not advocated by Allah and His Messenger (in religion) are considered as innovations, we have to be very careful with our religious duties, we should not introduce or follow any act (in religion) that was not shown by Rasool (sal). For example, Rasool (sal) conducted Imamath (leading prayer) for eleven years during his entire life time, and during this time he has at no incidence asked a collective duwa for the people behind him to say ameen collectively, after the prayer (salah) was over; except when sura Fathiha was recited in prayer, when he commanded the people to say ameen to it at the end of the sura; and after (salah) prayer Rasool (sal) commanded the people to ask duwa individually, he said “ad duwa whoval ibbadha” i.e. duwa is worship, for when a person asks Allah for his needs he acknowledges Allah to be his master, and also acknowledges himself to be a slave of Allah, that Allah alone could help him, and cater to his needs; and Rasool (sal) said Allah is displeased with those who do not ask duwa; and one can ask duwa for the entire Muslims amongst the children of Adam (a.s) and for the Hidayath of the entire world.

But now a days, people make the imam to ask duwa and everyone, collectively say ameen to it, this is a biddah (innovation) especially advocated and spread by the Tabliq people. But at the same time Rasool (sal) has said that an imam should include in his duwa, all people praying behind him in the jamath, otherwise he would be considered a traitor to the jamath, and at the same time the people too should ask duwa individually of all their needs to Allah. One man reciting duwa and others saying ameen to it is a biddah, and this practice is slowly spreading to Mecca and Medina too, we see Saudi’s taking a group of people to the grave yards and asking duwa and make the people say ameen to it collectively and they even extract money for this biddah act of theirs, and sometimes we see the imam of a mosque too asking a collective duwa and the people saying ameen to it (collectively). We should understand that at no time in his entire lifetime, has Rasool (sal) shown us such an act of one person asking duwa and the rest saying ameen to it.

This might look small, but like this there are many biddahs slowly creeping into Islam, Muslims, please understand what Allah and His Messenger say about Biddah from the above Quranic verse, and hadeeses and do your best to wipe out biddah totally from Islam, and preserve the Unique blessings of Allah. Always find out what Rasool (sal) said, did or approve of, before you do a thing, and be careful as to how Rasool (sal) did it and follow it exactly, for your religious act to become a blessing from Allah, and be not amongst people who incur the curse of Allah.

Please share this with as many Muslims as you can.


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