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Halaal & Haraam -part-I

O ye people! eat of what is on earth Halaal and good; and do not follow the footsteps of Satan for he is to you an avowed enemy. Al-Quraan: 2- 168

In everyone’s life there are two boundaries one is the Halaal boundary and the other is the Haraam boundary as long as one is in the Halaal boundary he or she is in the right path, the path of Allah and every small ammal (deed ) they do like moving a thorn or stone from the path, or smiling at someone, or eating, or sleeping, or passing toilet, or saying salaam to someone Allah rewards them enormously with huge amounts of virtues to such great extents that one could never imagine or compute the amount of virtues for these deeds. For example if one says Subhanallah once i.e (Allah is most perfectly pure) then Allah fills half of the Mizan scale with virtues and Mizan scale is a scale that could weigh the seven heavens and seven earths at one time; and if a person says Alhumdulillah (all praise belongs only to Allah) Allah fills the other half of the Mizan scale, and if one utters Allah hu Akbar (Allah is great) Allah fills the heavens and earth completely with virtues for the one who recites it.

Allah’s Messenger Muhammed (s.a.w) said Tasbeeh stating that Subhanallah is half the Mizan scale, and praise be to Allah (Alhumdulillah) fills it completely; Allahu Akbar fills the space between the Heaven and Earth, fasting is the half of Endurance and cleanliness is half of faith. Tirmidhi-296.
Allah not only gives us these enormous amount of virtues but also wipes out our sins also i.e. when we make ablution Allah wipes out the sins we have committed with our hands, mouth, eyes, ears, and legs,

Apostle of Allah, tell me about ablution also. He said: He who uses water for ablution, rinses his mouth, snuffs up water and blows it out, the sins of his face, his mouth and his nostrils will be washed away. When he washes his face, as Allah has commanded him, the sins of his face are carried away from the end of his beard with the water. Then (when) he washes his forearms up to the elbows, the sins of his arms are carried away with the water from his finger-tips. When he wipes his head, the sins of his head are carried away from the ends of his hair with the water. And (when) he washes his feet up to the ankles, the sins of his feet are carried away from his toes with the water. And if he stands to pray and praises Allah, lauds Him, glorifies Him with what becomes Him and shows wholehearted devotion to Allah, his sins will depart, leaving him (as innocent) as he was on the day his mother bore him.
Sahih Muslim
Hadith 1812 Narrated by
Amr ibn Abasah Sulami

So also a believing man or women have all their sins wiped out when they face some calamity or the other:

Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) said, "The believing man or woman continues to have affliction in person, property and children so that they may finally meet Allah, free from sin."
Al-Tirmidhi Hadith
Hadith 1567 Narrated by

Allah purifies us from our sins and keeps multiplying our virtues to such great extents that one could never imagine as to how much Allah gives virtues for each of our good deeds.
Allah has also made certain of our deeds Fard (compulsory) not because He is gaining anything from it if we perform it, or loose something if we do not perform it; but it is totally for our benefit only, if we do it we gain and if we don’t we lose, to such great enormous amounts such as one could never never imagine as to how great was his gain or loss, for Allah wants us to use these opportunities and save enough virtues and save ourselves from the wretched hell and make ourselves worthy of the Paradise that Allah has prepared for us.
We should also understand that all these enormous amount of virtues come to us only when we stay in the HALAAL boundary, for if we step outside this boundary we automatically fall into the Haraam boundary (Haraam, Kufr, Shirk) and how ever big our deeds may be, we don’t ever get even a single virtue for it. For Haraam boundary is the boundary of Satan and Allah abhors and hates sharing anything with Satan, i.e. even if a person does Haj, or Umrah, or builds great masjids and madarasas prays all his life and fasts regularly or does any good deeds if one is in the Haraam boundary they will not earn even one single virtue for their deed. This life we spend on this earth is a life of total freedom and one has to choose between Allah and Satan totally out of his own free will and then stick to the Halaal boundary by following the Quran and Hadees; the words of Allah and the path of Prophet (s.a.w) the richest of paths for none in this world could have ever traced out a path so very crystal clear, faultless, flawless, and a path most complete; and above all it remains the LATEST OF THE LATEST path for all times and for the time to come; if one wants to enjoy the MAGNANIMOUS virtues Allah gives for every small or big good deed in ones life.

Kindly don’t miss the part II of Halaal & Haraam document.
A.H.Nazeer Ahmed

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