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(2) The annual financial statement shall show separately-

(a) the sums required to meet expenditure charged by or under this Constitution upon the Consolidated Fund; and
(b) the sums required to meet other expenditure proposed to be made from the Consolidated Fund; and shall distinguish expenditure on revenue account from other expenditure.

88. Charges on Consolidated Fund
The following expenditure shall be charged upon the Consolidated Fund-

(a) the remuneration payable to the President and other expenditure relating to his office; 52* * * * * *
(b) the remuneration payable to-
(i) the Speaker and Deputy Speaker
(ii) the Judges of the 53[Supreme Court 54* * *]
(iii) the Comptroller and Auditor-General;
(iv) the Election Commissioners;
(v) the members of the Public Service Commissions;
(c) the administrative expenses of, including remuneration payable to, officers and servants of Parliament, the Supreme Court 55* * the Comptroller and Auditor- General, the Election Commission and the Public Service Commissions;
(d) all debt charges for which the Government is liable, including interest, sinking fund charges, the repayment or amortisation of capital, and other expenditure in connection with the raising of loans and the service and redemption of debt;
(e) any sums required to satisfy a judgment, decree or award against the Republic by any court or tribunal; and
(f) any other expenditure charged upon the Consolidated Fund by this Constitution or by Act of Parliament.

89. Procedure relating to annual financial statement
(1) So much of the annual financial statement as relates to expenditure charged upon the Consolidated Fund may be discussed in, but shall not be submitted to the vote of, Parliament.

(2) So much of the annual financial statement as relates to other expenditure shall be submitted to Parliament in the form of demands for grants, and Parliament shall have power to assent to or to refuse to assent to any demand, or to assent to it subject to a reduction of the amount specified therein.

(3) No demand for a grant shall be made except on the recommendation of the President.

90. Appropriation Act
(1) As soon as may be after the grants under article 89 have been made by Parliament there shall be introduced in Parliament a Bill to provide for appropriation out of the Consolidated Fund of all moneys required to meet-

(a) the grants so made by Parliament; and
(b) the expenditure charged on the Consolidated Fund but not exceeding in any case the amount shown in the annual financial statement laid before Parliament.

(2) No amendment shall be proposed in Parliament to any such Bill which has the effect of varying the amount of any grant so made or altering the purpose to which it is to be applied, or of varying the amount of any expenditure charged on the Consolidated Fund.

(3) Subject to the provisions of this Constitution no money shall be withdrawn from the Consolidated Fund except under appropriation made by law passed in accordance with the provisions of this article.

91. Supplementary and excess grants
If in respect of any financial year it is found-

(a) that the amount authorised to be expended for a particular service for the current financial year is insufficient or that a need has arisen for expenditure upon some new service not included in the annual financial statement for that year; or
(b) that any money has been spent on a service during a financial year in excess of the amount granted for that service for that year. the President shall have power to authorise expenditure from the Consolidated Fund whether or not it is charged by or under the Constitution upon that Fund and shall cause to be laid before Parliament a supplementary financial statement setting out the estimated amount of the expenditure or, as the case may be an excess financial statement setting out the amount of the excess, and the provisions of articles 87 to 90 shall (with the necessary adaptations) apply in relation to those statements as they apply in relation to the annual financial statement.

92. Votes on account, votes of credit, etc.
(1) Notwithstanding anything in the foregoing provisions of this Chapter, Parliament shall have power-

(a) to make any grant in advance in respect of the estimated expenditure for a part of any financial year pending the completion of the procedure prescribed in article 89 for the voting of such grant and the passing of a law in accordance with the provisions of article 90 in relation to that expenditure;
(b) to make a grant for meeting an unexpected demand upon the resources of the Republic when on account of the magnitude or the indefinite character of the service the demand cannot be specified with the details ordinarily given in an annual financial statement;
(c) to make an exceptional grant which forms no part of the current service of any financial year; and Parliament shall have power to authorise by law the withdrawal of moneys from the Consolidated Fund for the purposes for which such grants are made.

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