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Having sex with mita vabi after a long time!

Her name is Mita. She is a sweet and sexy Bengali lady. I first came to know her around 15 years back when I started my career in a Multinational Company at a district town of Bangladesh, where her husband was working in a different MNC. Her hubby was around 10 years senior to me by age but as our working place was same , we developed a good friendship and rapport. Her hubby took me as a younger brother. After a couple of months in that district town which was totally new to me her hubby became very close to me , so one day he invited me to his house to have dinner together. That was the night when I first saw my Mita Bhabi. She was then in her late twenties and mother of two kids. I found her to be very beautiful Bangali Lady with nice communicative eyes, sweet smile and a very lovely face with a few extra pounds. We took dinner together when her hubby gave a brief introduction of mine and I had small chat with her. That was the D day when I first met her but right that day I could not think that once she will be my one of the most desired sex goddess and intimate partner of the most enjoyable play of human life.

Days passed on , I got closer and closer to that family. Kids liked me very much still they are though they are now much grown up. As we came closer and closer and as I could observe her more frequently I found my Mita Bhabi has got very nice big tits and heavy round ass. While she walks it’s a great pleasure to see her from back side, the tides of her heavy ass is really horny. Over the time I got a deep desire to get her more intimately , but was not sure what’s the level intimacy ? A number of occasions when she was busy with household work I could see her sexy cleavage and felt hot but did nothing as we were still maintaining usual respectable distance. But while I was in my bed at night sometimes I used to masturbate fantasizing her. In early days of my masturbation fantasizing her, while I used to meet her next I used to feel discomfort to look at her face directly. Over time that went of I started fantasizing her more frequently and while meeting her I used to observe her with my thirsty eye more and more closely specially her sexy parts. Sometimes I kept eyes on her lively communicative eyes and try to read something see some thing but could see nothing.

We got closer and closer, she started talking different things of there conjugal life. She even told me her mismatches with her hubby . But these were all with out any intension of sex. So sometimes I got encouraged but most of the time I remained as it was , just looking at her and fantasizing kissing , licking her ass, tits , pussy , thighs etc. We maintained a respectable Bhabi Dewar relationship. Always I was to eager to meet her see her more frequently and if possible alone , with lots of plan in head. Seldom I found her alone but could do nothing as I was not courageous enough and also as she never showed any kind of sign so that I can move forward to seduce her or [censor] her.

After three years her hubby was transferred to Dhaka . They all moved. I was feeling alone in that peripheral district city and fantasizing her more frequently and was trying to make some other relationships, those are other stories. Many nights I fucked her in my dreams. I fucked her in all position in my dream, most frequently doggy style as her ass is the most attractive one in the world so far I saw, but those are all in dreams. Whenever I used to come to Dhaka for official or personal reason I used to get meet her and her hubby. Nobody could understand my inner desire. I few occasions I stayed at their home in Dhaka. After another year her hubby quit the job and left for US to make fortune. Now she is alone with her kids in Dhaka and me in the peripheral district. During this time I several times came to Dhaka and went to meet her with a desire to stay at her house in absence of her hubby. But she never told me to stay in her house so I could not. Each time I left her house , sometimes I had to go back my place and have to jerk off of my cum thinking her. In dreams now I [censor] more frequently. I fucked her on bed, on sofa, in kitchen , in bathroom , but only in dreams.

Another year passed, now I got promotion. My promotion make my way to Dhaka, because this was a head office position , and as usual our head office is in Dhaka. This was huge delight to my life, not that I got a very attractive promotion but as I could stay at Dhaka and meet my sexy Mita Bhabi more frequently means getting more chance to meet her alone and increasing the chance fucking her in real.I moved to Dhaka. Most of the days after office hour I go to her home and chat with her long having plans in mind. By this time Mita Bhabi , gathered few more pounds in her sexy body. Her tits & ass become more sexy and gorgeous. As a whole she became a sex goddess. Thinking of her unmet sex desire due to absence of her husband each day I go with new idea but come back with out implementation. We sit together on sofa even closely , talk long hours , touched her hands , and looked in to her sweet eyes with plan in mind. Going back home either masturbate fantasizing her or [censor] her in dream. Meantime my parents were telling me to get married , I was neutral to their proposal but in my mind I was mostly thinking to find out a way of fucking Mita Bhabi.

Few months after I came to Dhaka a disaster happened to Mita Bhabi, suddenly her hubby died from a road accident in US. The incidence was a huge shock to me as well. Actually I liked Mita Bhabi’s husband a lot , he was really a elder brother to me. My all sexy intensions with Mita Bhabi went of , I was more concern about uncertainty and insecurity of Mita Bhabi & her two growing boys. The early days after that sad incidence was really tough for her. But time heals every things. By this time I was more frequent to her home. She also was calling me more frequently for different kind of help and support for her family in her day to day matter. Several times we traveled from one place to another place of Dhaka different reasons by rickshaw. My desire fucking Mita Bhabi came again. Different times in her house and while traveling by rickshaw I touched her smooth belly , tits and ass . those were mere touches. I was expecting her response after each touch but she was unresponsive. Now a days I meaningfully stare at her sexy lively eyes she also keep her eyes , sometimes she smiles while looking at me but not more than that. Sometimes she says when you will be marrying my dear Dewar? Will you give time to me once you are married? What kind of girls should I look for you? I usually answered nothing but keep smiling looking at her meaningfully at her such query. Sometimes I gave non-specific answer, while seducing her in my mind. One day while she was asking me what sort of girls I would like to marry again and again , I answered like you. Like Me ? What do you mean dear Dewar she asked with a nonspecific smile. I answered I mean beautiful like you . She smiled again and told don’t be liar dear , I am not beautiful, and tended to leave the room. I pulled her holding her hand and told firmly , I am not lying , You are the most beautiful lady in my eyes. Instantly her eyes started talking with me with joy but with in few moment she became sad and told dear Robin, I am unlucky, don’t say something like this again , go back home and she left her drawing room. After waiting for 15/20 minutes for her return as she did not came back again, I left her house and exceptionally she did not come to say good bye to me , her maid closed the door.

Next day I came and had regular chat. She laughed, she smiled, I stared at her eyes she also kept her eyes on mine. Days passed on. Now I more frequently touch her , she sometimes holds my hands. In different occasion I come with small gifts for her she accepts those with childlike joy, thanks me. Each time I go to foreign country for my official reasons I bring special gifts like perfume, body lotion etc for her and chocolates for her kids. She hugs me sometimes but I was not still sure about her sexual intension. Once after coming back from a foreign trip I went with chocolates for her sons and a nice pack for Mita Bhabi . I gave the chocolates to my nephews they with joy went to their study room then I gave that pack to her hand and told her not open the pack in front of kids or any body else. She told why not ? I am excited to see it , what is in it ? I smiled its only for you that’s why only you should see it , saying this I left her house.

It was a very costly set black bra and panty. The size of the bra was 36. Once while I was using toilet in Mita Bhabi’s house , I saw one of her bras hanging in the bathroom from that bra I could know the sizes of her nice fully grown lotuses. So I was sure it will be nicely kissing her tits while she will be wearing it. Regarding the panty I was thinking it may be a bit tighter for her heavy ass but that’s better if its tight the panty can kiss her ass and pussy mound more closely. I was not sure about, what will be her reaction once she find it in the pack. Was not sure whether she will wear it or not.The whole night I could not sleep. I was thinking of different reactions of Mita Bhabi, some were angry reactions , some sexy , some normal neutral. I masturbated a couple of times fantasizing her tits , pussy & ass.

Next day I could not concentrate to my office work. I was eager to meet Mita Bhabi to understand her response. So after office hour I rushed to her house. I found her sitting on sofa in drawing room with her sons. While I entered in the room she looked at me and gave neutral smile and told me to sit. I started chatting with nephews, they were still excitedly thanking me for the chocolates I gave them the day before. After few moments they went out to play. Mita Bhabi was not talking and was looking to TV screen. I was a bit confused. I changed the sofa and sat beside her (by this time it was usual for us to sit beside her even closely on sofa). Few moments later keeping eyes on TV screen Bhabi asked me "Robin you brought something for me that I only expect from my hubby". Her tone was sad. She continued "nobody else should give me something like this". I told , Sorry Bhabi, are not those good ? Don’t you liked those?Bhabi : These are excellent. I liked those very much. I never had such costly things Robin. But why you brought it for me? I only expect it from my husband and he is dead. She was almost weeping and whispering.I hold her hand and told "Dewars like me can brought this thing for beautiful Bhabi like you".Mita Bhabi looked at me told thank you very very much its very nice.Did you tried it Bhabi ? Are those OK for you Bhabi?She laughed , her eyes started talking some special language, " You naughty how you know my size"? Pulled back her hand from mine. She is smiling , eyes glittering.

I guessed dear Bhabi , I pulled her hand again , I pulled her as a whole to me , and she came to the closest to my body. Me feeling her warmth and nice scent of her sexy body.After while she pulled back her, went away from me , whispering what you are doing Dewar ? kids or my maid may come any time.I laughed and told I am doing nothing just holding my Bhabi’s sweet hand. She laughed and told we should not cross limit.What’s the limit ?

Again she pulled her hand back and sat in another sofa laughing. This is the best possible signal I received from her to date. I was thinking many options at a time. Should I proceed further? Is it my first day after so many days of fantasy and dream to [censor] her. Do we have enough time right now to complete the whole fucking here on sofa before kids or maid come? Is it safe to start here? Will she be angry if ...
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