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Avoid security warning

Can't Install Apps
Because Of A Security

There are several S60 3
rd phones already on
the market now, for
instance Nokia 3250,
N71, N80 and N91.
There will be some
more phones in the
near future. One of the
new features of S60 3
rd Edition is mandatory
signing. It means S60 3
rd applications,
themes have to be
signed otherwise they
cannot be installed on
S60 3rd phones.

What is signing?
Basically application
signing is a way of
adding a tamper-proof
digital signature to an
application so that no
one can modify the
application. It will
prevent the users
from installing
malicious or hacked

The goal of signing
process is good, but
this has created some
headaches to some
people. One of the
problems is installing
self-signed application.
What is self-signed
application? It's an
application that is
signed with
developer's certificate
and key. Some
applications use this
kind of signing, for
example SExplorer.

There is an option in
S60 3rd phones to
enable or disable self-
signed applications. If
you disable it, you will
not be able to install
applications. Some
people choose to do it
so that they can only
install applications
from 'trusted' sources.
With so many Trojan
viruses these days, it
is sometimes wiser to
disable this option.

If you enable it, you
will be able to install
any applications,
including self-signed
applications (but still
you cannot install
unsigned applications).
Some people prefer to
enable this option
because it offers have
greater flexibility.
When you try to install
self-signed application,
you will get warning
message, but you can
still continue the

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