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Why Hip-Hop, or better HOLY Hip Hop?
It´s because I grow up on the Streets! Holy Hip Hop will alwayz share You what happen´z right now in the Spirit, but only If the Person with the mic is led by the Holy Spirit...!
An excerpt from the forth-coming book
The Truth Behind Hip Hop by: G. Craige Lewis
To understand this book, we must first explain what Hip-hop really is.  Hip-hop is not music!  It is not a genre; it is not a specific sound or art form.  Hip-hop is not rap either, but it is a religion/culture or a belief system that was birthed out of a desire to manifest one's self in a society that was deemed unfair to African-American's in the early 1970's.  Because of the negative environments and social situations that plagued the black race at the time, Afrika Bambataa and others created a way of temporarily overcoming these social obstacles by partying, making music, and believing in one's self and one's own power.  These parties were called Hip-Hop parties and they were viewed at the time as opportunity to preach a newfound doctrine of self-worship and hate for the establishment (the white race).  Hip-Hop targeted rap music and used music to preach a message that empowered the black race as "true god's" and made Jesus Christ the "white man's religion".  Hip-Hop taught the youth at the time, and still teaches indirectly, that you can be who you want to be in the sense of not being what people want you to be.  That has a certain truth to it, but if taken the wrong way, it turns into rebellion against basic laws and truths that govern our society as a whole.  Hip-Hop began to change the very appearance of its followers by creating a look, a way of governing yourself, and a language that should be spoken.  What this created was a subculture of our American culture, and it caused our youth to go against the basic pattern of society and manifest their own will regardless of what it cost them socially and spiritually.
I guess you can say that if all you see is what you see, then you will believe that's all there is to be.  By growing up in impoverished neighborhoods and ghettos, many of our black youth began to believe that their role models needed to be found among their peers.  They would see pimps making all kinds of money, so they would emulate the pimp by dressing like him, talking like him, and pretending to be him.  They would see thugs and gangsters going in and out of prison, so they would begin to walk like them, dress like them, and emulate them.  Well, Hip-Hop was birthed out of poverty and in the streets of NY where the in thing was selling drugs, pimping, and going in and out of prison.  So our young boys began to emulate the look of thugs and gangsters because there were no real positive role models among them to emulate.  Our young girls would begin dressing like the whores or the loose women they would see on a day-to-day basis.  What Bambataa and his entourage did was glorify the street life and make being in the streets and of the streets acceptable.  Instead of pointing the youth to the work force, the business world, higher education, or entrepreneurship, they would make the thug, the gangster, or the pimp the one that should be representing our people.  Sure they taught self-respect and self worth, but they did if from the wrong level.  Instead of pulling the youth of this nation up, they just made those that were down the mark to reach for.  In other words, they made society seem unfair to the black man, and in many cases it still is.  But instead of being able to succeed through normal avenues, the black man would have to turn to other means of success like entertainment, Hip-Hop was the way to get the black man notoriety and show that the lower income black people of America had a voice.  Hip-Hop was then used to describe a way of living, not just music.  There are         television commercials that run today on BET and MTV that state, “Hip-Hop is not music, it's a way of life,” and “you don't do Hip-hop, you are Hip-hop!”  This clearly tells us what the agenda of true Hip-Hoppers is.  It's a manifestation of a belief system that governs the behavior of its followers. 
With that said, we come to the question, why hip-hop?
Hip-hop was needed to give an identity to the youth of America that seemed to not have a voice.  Hip-hop was created to be the voice of those that felt they were denied opportunity and fairness by our society.  They believed that the white man was to blame for the social and economical deficits that plagued the black race. They believed that we as a black race should not subscribe to the white man's laws or his religion.  Afrika Bambataa began to infuse the doctrine of self-worship and black supremacy into rap music and thus, created the religion of Hip-hop.  Hip-hop then became not only a voice of the people, but a religion that preached a doctrine that is contrary to the Bible.  The doctrine of Hip-hop says that the black man is God and Jesus Christ is not the Son of God, but he is in fact the white man's god.  These teaching started out as straight forward messages that were preached over beats and rhymes, but later evolved into silent practices that would manifest outwardly in the behavior, clothes, and language of the culture.  Now Hip-hop has literally changed the face of our nation.  It has caused our youth to lower their standards and set their sights on themselves and their own feelings rather than taking the harder road to success.  They now see what is acceptable or fashionable to our society as being “weak or wak.”  Hip-hop has turned our young boys into thugs and our young girls into young whores.  It has caused marijuana and other illegal substances to become acceptable among our youth and is stopping our people from achieving real success.   Whether we want to admit it or not we must adhere to the fact that we live in a society that promotes educated, properly dressed, well-mannered men and women.  Hip-hop, however, tells our youth that it's okay to wear your clothes like a criminal, or dress like a bum.  It's okay to look evil and talk in slang as long as you stay true to the culture of Hip-hop.  But the real scary part is that many want the church of God to accept Hip-hop as a way to reach they youth that are already in it
The truth is in the name.
There is a new move in our nation called Holy Hip-hop.  It's a knock-off version of true Hip-hop but it is getting very popular among Youth Pastors and churches that do not effectively know how to reach the youth of their communities. 
Instead of fasting, praying, and seeking God for his Spirit to draw hearts that truly want to repent, they turn to Holy Hip-hop, which will speak the language, promote the look and appeal of the culture, and then add the message of Christ to it?  See, the Holy Hip-hopper believes that they can reach real Hip-hoppers by being Hip-hoppers--just Holy ones.  They believe they are an alternative to the real Hip-hop, so that when you give your life to Christ, you can still be represented by a Holy version of Hip-hop. They also believe that Hip-hop can be Holy because God changed you or me from our sinful state into Holy people.
When I was not in Christ, I was a thief and a crook.  Now that I am saved, am I a Holy Crook? I guess next the gothic culture is going to have a bootleg, Holy version of the real thing eventually (as crazy as it seems someone may already be doing this).  Can't you just see the kids in your youth group wearing black, black nail polish, tattoos and piercings everywhere, and looking like walking dead people?  Then the Holy Gothic recording artist/minister comes in and validates them.  He will look like Marilyn Manson, sounds like Marilyn Manson and dresses like Marilyn Manson, but he will sing about Christ.  Will this reach the Youth?  Will these youth be transformed by the power of God and begin to look and act like NEW CREATURES?  No, they will continue to live and look like the culture that had them spiritually bound in the first place.   These methods always look good on the surface and can be justified by quoting,  “ I become all things to all men…” Ok lets become a part of the pornographic culture to reach the pornographers.  This is ridiculous.  To reach the gothic culture or any other subculture you must ask the real question. "Why are they Gothic?
 In the case of the creation of the Gothic culture: first there was Heavy Metal Music.  Then those in the occult began to use this particular subculture of the music to push their agenda.  The spirit of witchcraft began to be released through the satanic artist who made the music.  Understand that when a Satan worshipping musician plays music he gives spirits of darkness a vessel to work through.  Through an evolution of the genre and the culture the gothic spirit manifested and those that wanted to rebel and be outcast of their mainstream culture subscribed to it—this formed the subculture of Goth!  They began to emulate the rebellion and gave the spirit of evil and darkness another place to manifest.  Whether you believe it or not the devil uses music as a vehicle to transfer spirits.  For the intellectual fundamentalist who don’t subscribe to evil spirits and the devil, let me ask you how is it that you teach that the spirit of God Operates through your music, but you don’t believe that evil spirits can operate through secular music?   Doesn’t even the Bible teach the fight that we are fighting isn’t flesh and blood? 
Eph. 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
I don’t think that any fundamentalist would deny that we are in a spiritual wrestling match, but they want to the fight only on the natural level, when the word of God clearly states that we are in a spiritual battle with spiritual beings.  It is remarkable to me that even the secular music industry understands the transfer of spirits in music while the Christian Artist (denies that anything like this exist). 
Notice the term spiritual wickedness in Eph 6:12. 

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