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seven dwarfs - Comics/Fantasy/Anime

☻Tales Of Dwarfs☻

Mountain Dwarf in Rož, Carynthia, Slovenia

In the mine shafts of Rož, where they dig for ore, lives the mountain dwarf, (škrat) by the name Skubrl. He has a long beard, pointy nose and wears a red beret and red trousers. When the miners leave he starts work and you can hear the sound of his digging all over the mine. Where Skubrl works, there is ore for certain.
He likes miners, but also likes to steal their food. Miners are forbidden to whistle underground. If they whistled the dwarf would make them lose their way and take their ore. Once the miners left some brandy for Skubrl. He drank till he could no longer walk straight. Skubrl was so annoyed, when miners laughed, that the sound of his digging was never heard again and he never again showed them where to dig for ore. That is why they had to close the Plajberk mine in Rož.
A miner once took a quarter litre of brandy to work and hid it in a hollow, so that he could drink it during the break. The miner broke the rule that forbids miners to come drunk to work or bring wine or brandy with them.
When he came to his hiding place during the break, he found the bottle empty. The next day the same thing happened. He was very angry. So he bought a litre of the strongest brandy and put it into the hollow. “Get properly drunk, so that I will know who you are!” he thought to himself.
When he came back after the break, he found a little man, so inebriated, that he could not move. The miner ordered the dwarf to show him where to dig for ore. The little man took him by the hand and together they walked all over Peca. He showed the miner lead, iron, silver, gold and diamonds. When they had been everywhere, the dwarf left the miner at the entrance and laughed: “ You were stupid, that you did not take my belt, while I was befuddled by the devil oil. I would have had to show you the way to my treasures. As it is you only looked, and will remain as poor a man, as you had ever been.”
The dwarf disappeared, and the miner went home. However, he did not find his people or his home. He had been underground for three hundred years.

The Shepherd and the Dwarf

A shepherd took his herd to the forest to graze. Once he drove the herd high up to the rocks, where the grass was juiciest. The cattle grazed placidly, the shepherd sat down on the rock and whistled. Then he saw, on the other side of the rock a man. Taking him for a shepherd, he called out to him. The man was a dwarf. When he heard the call, he took it to be the voice of dwarfs inside the rock; he turned around so swiftly, that he drove into the rock headfirst. The blow was so forceful that part of the rock broke off and pieces flew into the valley below. The shepherd took fright, quickly drove his herd home and reported on what he had seen.
The villagers went to take a look and saw, lying underneath the rock, a little dead dwarf. From that day the spot became unlucky. Several cows were killed, a large number of dogs and deer, even a woman. That is why they call these rocks Kravje (cow rocks), Pasje (dog rocks), Košutine (doe rocks) and Ženske peči (woman’s rocks).

The Cobbler and the Dwarf

Once a dwarf visited the cobbler in Podpeca and asked him, if he could make him a pair of shoes without taking measurements. If the shoes fit, he would pay for them in gold. It was a challenge. The cobbler sat the little dwarf on the bench – to rest a little, he said. In the meantime he quickly slipped from the room and sprinkled ash on the threshold. To the dwarf he said, that he would make him shoes that would fit, without taking measurements.
When the dwarf had gone, he left imprints of his feet in the ash, and the shoemaker had the measure that he used to make the shoes. After one year had passed the dwarf returned, tried on the shoes which fit perfectly and left. When he passed by the window, he threw in a gold coin.

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