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Use dis ID=womnzr PSWRD=twinkle to sign in tnx.....
J.E.N.I.N> ONE LOVE A lot of crossroads -yet,lead to one destination; So much of buts -yet,arise at 1 bcoz A bunch of options -yet,arrived at 1 decision Most of d tme quarel -yet bcme much closer And a lot of adjustment which lead 2 more undrstanding. Now, isnt it great to find LOVE even without searching.
27.02.2006 07:35 EST,
skat: Somewhre in ur heart try 2 find a place for me... Somewhere in ur heart i dnt care where it myt be... One little corner myt not mean so much to you...But dat one little corner would enough to see me through...
23.02.2006 07:42 EST,
To my husband B. P....... You're still the one I want to love 4ever. U r still d 1 i wnt to wake up w/ every morning nd snuggle w/ every night, the 1 whose hand I wnt to hold when i'm afraid, whose shoulder i wnt to lean on when i need support. U r still d 1 i wnt 2 comfort wen u need a source of strength, the 1 i wnt 2 hold close always. Ur still d 1, d only 1, i wnt to love FOREVER...... MAMA B. P.
16.02.2006 04:35 EST,
d seCret Of Life isnt just tO LivE,bt tO hV sOmething wOrthwhiLe tO Live fOr wE OnLy LivE OncE,but if wE LOve ryt,OnE LifetimE is enOugh...!!/ $nøw wh!t3
07.02.2006 03:02 EST,
Even without seeing YOU,Even without sending MESSAGES,I never fail to REMEMBER you! God bless!/dimplemay
27.01.2006 04:48 EST,
For GOD so loved <BONJOVI> the world that He gave His only begotten SON (JESUS CHRIST) that whosoever believes in HIM will not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16.
24.01.2006 17:11 EST,
If i had the letters HRT,i can add EA to get heart, or a U and get hurt,but i rather choose U,and get HURT,dan have a HEART without U. /dimplemay
24.01.2006 08:07 EST,
love: it is most precious is always filled with sensitive emotion which everybody want to brings up so many emotional or attach to a human being.......
09.01.2006 16:57 EST,
love poem;is a spiritual form of energy that can be given or recieved in physical,emotional or mental usually starts in our thoughts our actions and then it will produce the emotional feelings,if you want to experience those powerful emotional feelings of love.its necessary to think loving thoughts and produce some loving actions if you think angry,vindictive thoughts,there is no way you will experience loving feeling orproduce loving actions. love is always pravail...god bless you
09.01.2006 16:55 EST,
MOTEK.....If i only knew that u'd come by ds tym in my lyf, i shld have left a space in my heart, 4 u to fill wd! Though, it maybe late, i'll show u u'r real place in my heart!.....Superman
01.01.2006 11:40 EST,
To knights: Wat if the stars were black,oceans were red,roses never bloom&the sky were'nt blue?if u ask me...its ok,as long as i have you!(fr.Snow)
24.12.2005 03:56 EST,
To my dear, "one of d nicest thing in my life is to be with you, and even though we dn't have a lot of time to spend each other, i want u to know how much i appreciate and care for you...Mis u so mch! {Pear£}
21.12.2005 12:54 EST,
To my Pear£......."when nights comes, look at the sky if u see a falling star don't wonder why? Just make a wish, trust me it will come true, coz i did it, i found u".... :-) {nizer}
21.12.2005 05:26 EST,

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