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In this world,
Theres death
Theres pain
Theres sorrow

Theres death to people you may not know,
And theres death to those you hold close and dear

Theres pain when everything seems to fall apart,
And theres pain just when everything seems to be okay

Theres sorrow for that lost hope or dream,
Theres sorrow before the morning gleam

And no matter what there will always be
But theres still always

by Love destroyer

Life is going on with or without you
You can believe it
Or deny it
Either way you're going to have to live it
You can sit and complain
Or you can make something of yourself
I don't remember anyone giving us a guide
Or directions
So it's up to you, how you want to live it
I could say live it to the fullest
But no one really does
The worlds to scared to try anything
Its full of hypocrites
You can breath in every breath of air
Or close your mouth
You can save someone
Or save yourself
You can actually do something with your life
Or you can put a gun to your head and take the easy way out
Like I said it's your life
No one else is going to live it for you

by Katran

Don�t let this worry
Weigh down your sweet head
Although the birds cry
And the leaves are dead

Birds will sing again
The trees will re-grow
The sun may be bright
But it melts the snow

This road may seem long
Yours rougher than most
Some people seem harsh
Some cold as ghosts

Friends will disappear
Lovers, say goodbye
The sky will turn grey
And some days you�ll cry

You�ll climb many peaks
You�ll drop many falls
And you�ll get back up
To repeat it all

Some days you�ll give up
You�ll pitch your small tent
You�ll sit on your mountains
To the heavens you�ll vent

But the stars will still shine
The moon will still glow
The sun will still blaze
The rivers, still flow

You�ll pick yourself up
You�ll regain your step
The journey resumed
You�ll get back your pep

This world may seem small
But there�s room to grow
The towns are your stage
The city your show

The cast will vary
And some will move on
But the ones who stay
Are the ones you know

Will be beside you
Through the hail and rain
Who will always love you
For no reason of gain

So hike up your boots
Put on your coat
Lower the board bridge
And cross your moat

Because the world is there
It�s ready for you
So it�s time to show it
What you can do

by The Girl Next Door

When I was little
I used to sit under the sun
And wish that things could go back
To when things were fun

When my mom and my dad
Actually loved each other
Way back before
I was a teenage mother

But now that I think about it
Sitting under the sun
All the bad things in life
Doesn't need to make you run

Just look for the rainbow
On the other side of the field
Laden with snow capped tulips
That hatred always concealed

Look for the love
Deep inside your heart
For the sadness and pain
Will tear you apart

But most of all look around
And gaze up in the sky
Always know that you don't need wings
To get yourself up and fly.

by LavaGirl

Everyone has an ambition
But they think it just happens
They are truly wrong
You've gotta work hard for your dream

Follow your dreams and never give up
Trust me its going to be worth it
Its the only way to get your dream
If you just make it happen

Some people think its hard work
And they think its easy to get your dream
But its not
Its much harder than that

Sometimes you have to go the extra mile
To get what you want
To achieve anything
And to make a difference.

by Universal Images Lost In Translation

I take one step closer to you and stare in to those beautiful,
emeralds you call,
your eyes and I mouth the words "Hear me out!".
I notice a slight glimmer in your eyes as you grow uncomfortable.

The world seems to shrink down upon us, enveloping us in to tiny surprises, sent across the universe to some unearthly force who'll open its mail box and find us intertwined in fear.

"I'm a failure!" I scream with my mouth shut and I close my eyes wide open to receive your much expected reaction. You lean in toward me, in that very off-white envelope, just as the force picks us up and neatly we are place on its marble mantelpiece.

We stand there, as two pieces of a trophy much deserved by the force, and you kiss me on the lips. Just I was beginning to doubt the outcome of this collision, which I've dreamt of and battled out in my weary, little head beforehand.

As the force takes one step back and admires its newly acquired trophy and journeys back to the moment we were claimed, I celebrate one of the things I love about you the most;

Your ability to take my scariest nightmare and turn in to a bright, gold and fresh spring morning with birds gently humming in tune and the sun carefully tickling our sleepy eyes as we wake up together in the bed we will eventually share for as long as we live.

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