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Thy Tyrannical Magick Begins...

Before the proclamation of the abysmal genesis, this "Mythological Occult" from Dallas, Texas was born in 1989 under the title of Dolmen. Originally constituted by Equitant Ifernain (Electric Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Backing Voice, & Lyrical Obscurity) and Shaftiel (Electric Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Acoustics, Mouth Harp, & Voice), these two former blood-tyrants knew the time had come for the ancient monument of Dolmen to collapse. Now, the time had come for the waves of ABSU to ascend.

ABSU, which is recognized as the "blackened Earth/nether world ocean (Mesopotamia)" or "Cythraul (Celticae)," was formed with the release of their first demonstration cassette entitled Return of the Ancients. The tape fell into the hands of Gothic Records (USA) and granted them the rites in releasing The Temples of Offal 7" EP in primordial 1992. Within four months, roughly 2000 copies of Temples... were sold on a worldwide basis, giving them a rather commanding response. In the meantime, Equitant and Shaftiel were running into personal differences with various warriors that had previously been in the group, and realized a drastic alteration needed to take place.

The change was made, while the enigma was solved. Magicial extraordinaire Proscriptor McGovern (All Percussives Sequencer/ Mellotran, Voice, & Lyrical Magick), formerly of the insanely supernatural band MAGUS, united with ABSU after the termination of the previous members. As a matter of fact, he served in several bands with Equitant and Shaftiel even before Dolmen had existed, so destiny had reached their goal. Consequently, Osmose Productions (FRANCE) conglomerated a licensing agreement with Gothic Records for their debut album, Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L. in 1993. Afterwards when Cemunnos controlled the Eastern twilight, ABSU even projected an authentic video for the heathenish hymn Fantasizing To The Third of The Pagan Vision (Quoth The Sky, Nevermore) Act II, which was taken from the Barathrum... release.

In April of 1995, the kult was equipped with all the fire and steel in releasing The Sun of Tiphareth. With a vast demand for their second album, ...Tiphareth was proclaimed to be one of the most innovative, yet Occultic Death Trash recordings of the '90s era (thus far). The month of April also captured ABSU joining forces with session bassist/vocalist Mezzadurus (Bloodstorm) for the "Sex, Cyber, & Rock'n Roll" European Tour. With the accompaniment of such insane label mates as Impaled Nazarene and Sadistik Exekution, ABSU had finally proven to the world that their kult saw the human race as being non-existent. In July of 1995, they also had the opportunity to tour with Viking mates Enslaved throughout the entire North American continent, which gave them another dominant response as well.

It seems that ABSU is lyrically and poetically indulged by Celtic myths and legends, Azif's theology of the Necronomicon Mesopotamian/Sumerian mythology (especially under the powers of Dumuzi, Uruk, and the infamous Ugalla-demons), Etymology of Thoth, Tasseomancy, Sorcery, and weaponry skills of Cnihthad. However, the new deliverance of indestructible forces from their Pagan/Gaelic/Glenorchy dynasty shall bring you The Third Storm of Cythraul for Osmose Productions once again. Advancing from their immortal spirits onto others, this third album will express battlecraft and ancestral bloodlust in a fashion unimaginable to the human manifestoz. The Primum Mobile of V.I.T.R.I.O.L. is burning, Tiphareth is still shining, and The Third Storm of Cythraul will endlessly reign with fea nemon! Chuaigh muid ar na canai areir! Thou shalt continue thy epic of dismal hope in the meantime...

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