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The planes of existence in the Bleach universe broadly correspond to the life and afterlife of human belief systems. The living humans of Bleach reside in a world resembling present-day Japan, buried souls live in a kind of Heaven called Soul Society, and evil souls are sent to Hell. Once a spirit dies in Soul Society, its soul is sent back to the living world and reborn as a new human.[14] This provides the two worlds with balance.

* Human world: The human world of Bleach is focused on modern Japan; specifically, a fictional area of Western Tokyo called Karakura Town.[15] In this world, Ichigo attends school and fights hollows.
* Soul Society: The spirit world called Soul Society (尸魂界(ソウル・ソサエティ), Sōru Sosaeti?) consists of two portions: the expansive walled city of Seireitei (瀞霊廷, Court of Pure Souls?), where Soul Reapers and nobility reside, and the eighty-district residential area of Rukongai (流魂街, Town of Wandering Spirits?).[16] The number of the district describes its conditions, such that lower-numbered districts are more peaceful.[17] Living conditions resemble those of feudal Japan. A king resides in another realm within Soul Society.[18] Souls in the Soul Society are much like normal humans, but age at an extremely slowed rate, such that lifespans of several centuries are commonplace. Children can even be born as they are in the human world.

* Hueco Mundo: Hueco Mundo (虚圏(ウェコムンド), Weko Mundo?) is a dimension between the human world and Soul Society. It is where hollows reside when not hunting humans, and they are undetectable as long as they remain inside. Entrances to Hueco Mundo are created by ripping the dimensional fabric between the two worlds. On the surface of Hueco Mundo is a desert-like realm, covered in perpetual night. The little vegetation that meets the eye is actually formed from crystal; and while the sky has clouds, there is no water to be found anywhere. Few hollows reside on the surface, and the landscape is...

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