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Rukia Kuchiki->Character outline->Abilities

Rukia's only initial ability are her kidō spells, which she uses for such purposes as restraining, healing, or attacking others. At the start of the series her spells are severely limited, being both weak and of a small variety, due to the bulk of her powers being given to Ichigo.[21] After returning to Soul Society and regaining her Soul Reaper abilities, Rukia is able to cast spells at her previous capacities, such that she can cast multiple spells in quick succession and even use two spells at the same time.[22] Rukia's kidō skills are of great caliber amongst Soul Reapers, and by her own admission her mastery over kidō far surpasses her mastery with a blade.[23]

Rukia's zanpakutō, Sode no Shirayuki (袖の白雪 or 袖白雪, Sode no Shirayuki? literally "sleeve's white snow"), is released with the command "dance" (舞え, mae?).[24] In its released state the blade becomes completely white and a ribbon forms from the pommel, earning it the recognition as the most beautiful snow and ice zanpakutō in Soul Society.[11] Sode no Shirayuki utilizes ice to attack, each of its three abilities being labeled as "dances" by Rukia. "First dance, white moon" (初の舞・月白, some no mai, tsukishiro?) denotes a circular area around Rukia's target and freezes everything within the circle from the ground upwards until it reaches the sky.[24] "The next dance, white ripple" (次の舞・白漣, tsugi no mai, hakuren?) fires a massive wave of ice from Sode no Shirayuki's blade.[25] "Third dance, white sword" (参の舞・白刀, san no mai, shirafune?), her final ability reserved only for when her blade is broken, reforges her zanpakutō with ice particles, piercing through any object in its path and freezing anything in the vicinity.[23]

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