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||| my personal pages |||

31st July : 2011
7th July, 2011

It is Joba's birthday today. I still remember 7th July, 1992; when I was in Silchar. Ranga, Mou & Jayshree Bhattacharjee were there in our group.
24th June, 2011

From her childhood, Mousumi used to suffer from nightmare. Now after two decade, here in Sydney, the girl from a remote town who explains the intricacies of finance, but suffers from acute depression. As usual Mousumi had been transformed from a shy girl back in Assam to a gorgeous lady in Sidney, Australia. It needed a extremely hard work and perseverence on the part of Mousumi to achieves her current life style. Whenever she looks back at her past, sometimes she wonders about herself fighting alone to achieve the desired success! Sometimes she thinks she wouldn't be able to handle those situations if they happen now. She fondly remembers the life in Kota. Specially the owner of the crystal coaching center, Mr. Ashish Gupta, who had offered her a job to teach physics and mathematics for Engineering Entrance Examination. Those were very volatile days of her life. She had gone through such a bad spell of life when she had been diagonised with SAD (Severe Acute Depression). Within few months she had left her job in TCS (the leading software farm of India). Life is such a drama for her. She just smiles to herself, "Life is really a drama for me!". If analyzed properly, it would be found that behind her every problem, there exists a name she hates to remember! Amit Sanyal, he was the real culprit. If some one has stolen her happyness, then it must be him. But life was not such a mess even two years ago, the news of Amit's sudden marriage has shattered her each and every dreams.

Life Stories are sometimes very funny:

I have a friend whose life is a piece of thriller novel. Let his name is Bishal, a bengali boy settled in outside West Bengal for a long period of time. Being a good observer of his surroundings, he was an excellent example of developing brain. The boy grew up in a suburban town of remote Assam as his father was in Northeastern Frontier Railway based in Guwahati. As his family members watched his penchant towards musical instruments like Dhak, Dhol, he was soon gifted a set of Tabla, an Indian Percussion.

20th June, 2011,

Accident is a word nobody likes to hear. Still accident is a very part of our life. Does accident really exist? I mean what is the exact definition of accident? Do we have a sound definition that would tell us the diversion of meaning of accident from more elementary definition of event. Many would disagree with me, but believe me, there are nothing called accident. All of them are events only. With events they bring a certain amount of changes. Those changes actually shape our lives. If any event changes our lives into a derogatory one, one may call the event as an accident!

women in my life:

One person who was very close to me was Jayashree Dev. She was my friend, but not my girl friend, still I can say she was the person whom I have loved beyond anything. I have never felt any kind of discomfort while she was near around. She was a friend who may lead the contenders list for the example of friendship. She was from Lumding too, but we had met for the first time in Silchar, in G. C. College. Those were so incredible days for us.

10th March, 2011

Ankit Bhati of third year IT in VITS, Ghaziabad had died spot dead yesterday near Sahibabad due to a road accident. College was adjourned after the condolence period. He was one of my student, I have taught him Engineering Mechanics in his first semester. Road accidents are the major cause of death in the NCR area, over the last couple of years. The blue line maniacs are really addicted to rash driving and hence, should their licenses and permits be revoked. Why doesn't government interfere and introduce strickter punishments for the violations of traffic rules. Goverment must understand the value of a human life. Prolonged non interferences from the part of government regarding the hit and run incidents have created such an highly inertial monster of corruption and misuse, that it is very tough to break the chain of corruption and nepotism. We should be prepare to counter attack against the government and compel our government to take some effective measures to enhance the safety on a road.


I have to go home, else I shall go mad.
10th JaNuaRy: 2011 Monday

These days are hell like! As if they are just cordially imported from the bests of Hell. Sona went off! She has exited from my life as sublimely as one can and left me stranded in the middle of nowhere! I now feel as if nowhere is safe. Last month, I had tried to build a new relation with a new intelligent girl but my past memories haunts me and at last it hunts me too. SPR is a nice and very intelligent girl, even she works in a tv channel as a news producer, but I couldn't continue due to some flashbacks from my previous life.

11th JANUARY, 2011: TUESDAY:

Everything is fine, but I am not fine! I don't know why but it looks like that after sona's exit from the path of my life I have somehow become insensitive to so many things. It becomes obvious that to build a new romantic relation is not my cup of tea! Whenever some one starts to feel free and try to hold me on her hand showing some sorts of rights over me, something inside my mind just get blasted off, and instancely I shall find me in a terrific situations often seems to go wild emotionally and soon tear drops will follow the suit.

They said love is blind!
They even say I was blind!
I was really out of my "Mind",
when they say, "You'll never Shine!"

In the mean time...
Time just sweeps fast!
Memory starts to fade,
as if it will be over at last.

Feelings never die...
Only becomes dormant in Time.
When "Nature" waters it,
it starts again those sublime hymn!

4th January, 2011

2nd January 01.05 am. Sunday

Today I shall write about one more person who is really important to me. She was a completely stranger when we met in a status update of a common friend in the famous social networking site facebook. Let her name is Super Spark. She was a friend of mine. I was very desparate to break the emotional shackles from my previous relation. She was also a victim of insensitiveness of closed circle over her emotional feelings.

Love is a Strange Thing:

sitting at home,
everything is fine,
as the days pass by
one by one,
some long, some slow;

I talk to myself quiet and low,
elegies of my heart and soul…
a shiver, a sigh, soft words whispered in the dark,
my senses are mixed already, unable to differentiate
between a sound or a smell or a touch or a taste;

I keep dreaming of a time,
my fingers intertwined
with you, an everlasting
joy of time, heart skipping
a beat here and there;

as I sit here
thinking sweet thoughts of you
lustful images make my heart
palpitate uncontrollably;

trembling uncontrollably
the heat continues to rise
as I close my eyes and see
you standing before me;

I open up my eyes to find
that you are nowhere around
I feel a wave of sadness
crash upon the shores of my heart;

As i lie here obsessed with the thought of you,
hoping it will all be over soon and,
waiting patiently for the day
when I can hold you in my arms
and never have to let you go again,
i realize love is a strange thing indeed.

7th December, 2010

Life is very strange.
28th September, 2010

It was 1989, I was in class IX and I was the overall topper. It was a "dream comes true" incident of Life. We were the first batch of the new course, which was designed to boost the thinking power of the students. So, in Science we had two paper. First paper was of 100 marks and it comprises Physics and Chemistry where as the second paper was of 50 marks and it includes only biology.

In physics theories of atom was there. We were first taught about sub atomic particles and it includes three types of particles, protons, neutrons and electrons. The theory explains that masses are discontinuous and made of molecules only. All the common matters we see all around are made of these three kinds of particles. It also said that a molecule is made of atoms and an atom is made of these three kinds of particle.

But when I come to know that the nucleus of an atom is made of several protons and neutrons, my mind suddenly asked me, "Well, we know similar charges repel each other." Then how can several protons can be bunched together to form a nucleus. It was a big question for me.

it all started with a dream,
just a tiny little seed,
planted within the realm of the subconscious
where my (our) heart lies;

a desire to have a good life,
to love and be loved,
together with the one who
completes this circle of existence;

standing hand in hand
under the twilight sky
i can see it from your eyes
and i can’t dismiss this feeling;

beneath the darkened sky,
your lips against mine, stealing small kisses
passion flying from each cell,
locked in a embrace and trying to catch a breathe,
feeling only the pounding of a restless heart;

sitting next to you, your head
resting upon my chest, in the still of night
under star blanketed skies, star gazing,
as i gently draw you near;

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