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||| basic instincts |||

--- )) a n g e r : a n - h u m a n - e m o t i o n

1 8 t h - m a r c h - 2 0 1 1

What is the reason behind human anger? Why did people get angry sometimes? Is it a special trait of human being? What are the relations between Anger and Hatred? Does psychology has an answer to quench my thirst? May be, or may not be, but no one deny the existence of anger in the arena of human psyche! We often get angry over a person who is a part of our life, i.e. we get angry but the anger is always directed towards a person, who is closed to us.

2 0 t h - m a r c h - 2 0 1 1

In my life, I have often encountered situations where a spark of anger ultimately destroy a full family. Dr. S. K. Wadhwa whom I regard as the best director, I have worked for often used to tell me the dis advantages of being short tempered. Although he had encountered few such occasions, when he couldn't reign his short temper for a while and it had destroyed his career, when he unsuccessfully tried to re-structure two Engineering Colleges in Ghaziabad and one college in Greater Noida. So, why do people react badly sometimes being aware the dangers associated with this anger and short temper. Another astounding property of Anger is the fact that, without knowing someone, a person can never be truly angry at him. I mean although exceptions are there, but people become angry whom he or she knows well.

7 t h - a p r i l - 2 0 1 1 : t h u r s d a y

But, if someone thinks deeper insight of the human emotions he may find a blurry continuum of human emotion like true colours. As physics tells us that there are only 3 primary colours and the millions of other colours we have experienced in our life are all derived from those primary colours. Like colours, we have a set of human emotions those are functional as primary, and all others human emotions are derived from that. Like colours emotions may be positive or negative like an application vector!

So, we were talking about an emotional continuum that starts from mild intensity of ANGER to strong intensity of RAGE. At the beginning it takes the form of MILD IRRITATION or possibly certain kinds of ANNOYANCE where as its super strong manifestation is the FURY or MURDEROUS RAGE. A mild of Anger may be conceptualised as a "pure, and constructive" emotion only to protect the "self" on physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual dimensions in relationships.

1 8 t h - a p r i l - 2 0 1 1 : m o n d a y

So, anger is a kind of human emotion. Like other human emotions anger too is associated with certain physical effects on human being. It mainly increases heart rate and blood pressure as it enhances the levels of two important neuro-transmitters named "adrenaline" & "noradrenaline". It may be evolved as a part of our "flight" or "fight" response to any perceived threat to harm us. Again one can define anger as the predominant feeling when a person makes a conscious choice to take action against any threatening behaviour of any outside force. The expression of anger manifests itself behaviourly, cognitively as well as physiologically. Anger alters facial expressions and body language. It is often entangled with the act of aggression too.
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