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Isleistas Naujas Bloodhound Gang albumas Hefty Fine !!!

prezidentas yra klounas´

Atrodo, JAV vadovui George´ui W. Bushui per artejancius rinkimus teks rimtai pakovoti, norint ir toliau likti prezidento poste. Shi karta karciu zodziu jam nepagailejo BLOODHOUND GANG muzikantai. Savo garsiajame filme ´Fahrenheit 9/11´ rezisierius Michaelas Moore´as atskleide, jog amerikieciu kareiviai Irake savo kovinæ dvasia kele klausydamiesi BLOODHOUND GANG hito ´Fire Water Burn´. Akivaizdu, jog kareiviai nesuprato shioje dainoje uþsleptos ironijos ir viska suprato tiesioginëmis kurinio zodziu prasmemis. ´Musu nejaudina tai, jog kaeiviai rimtai prieme musu sarkastishka kurini. Mus tai net dziugina, - oficialiame savo puslapyje skelbia BLOODHOUND GANG. – Jau tegul geriau tokio nenormalaus karo garso takeliu tampa tokia pati nenormali daina, nei, tarkim, kokia nors patoso pilna CREED daina. Musu prezidentas yra klounas, ir Michaleas Moore´as tai parode visam pasauliui. Dziaugiames, kad jam padejome´. BLOODHOUND GANG muzikantai tvirtina, jog juos suzavejo rezisieriaus, sugebancio idomiai perteikti sudetingas problemas, talentas. Kai M.Moore´as kreipesi á grupe, prasydamas leidimo panaudoti filme ju kurini, BLOOHOUND GANG ish karto dave sutikima ir net atsisake autorinio mokescio.

Bloodhound Gang

´Hefty Fine´
We have decided to change the title of our fourth album to ´Hefty Fine.´ Moby has a song called ´Heavy Flow.´ We don´t wanna get any of his lame on us, so our album will not be called ´Heavy Flow.´ Period.

[posted 3/9/2004 U.S.A.]

Hello To The Three Of You That Remember Us,

So, here´s the story. After we recorded the last record, we toured from May of 1999 until December of 2000. When 2001 started, our personal lives were such a mess, that it took until June of 2001 for us to actually get our act together and start focusing on making a record.

Now, I know the Bloodhound Gang records aren´t staggering works of genius, but we wanted to make the best possible record we could. Why? Because I´m tired of ordering C.D.s from Amazon after downloading a few songs from Limewire, only to find out the artist blows. So we decided to take our time making ours.

Also, we make Bloodhound Gang records for our own enjoyment. Other people liking them is an amazing bonus. I hope you like our new one!

So, here´s some song titles:

Farting With A Walkman On
Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo
Ralph Wiggum
Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss

Lupus (Lupus, how do I get umlauts?) will be posting a snippet mp3 before the end of the month.

Then, if we have things our way, you´ll be listening to the entire Bloodhound Gang album on your burnt C.D. before Geffen Records even gets their hands on it. Lars can eat my disco cunt.

Then, we start touring at the end of July.

Then, the record comes out in September or something.

Lupus will fill you in on everything in more detail. I just posted this because I felt I owed the collective you that much; especially since many of your posts over the last couple of years have had me on the verge of pisspantsing myself. One question though. Why are so many of you so angry? Oh, one more question. Do any of you like the band, The Fall? I do.



Bloodhound Gang is still working with they 4th album HEAVY FLOW

Waiting news...

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