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Use Your Fingers

The First Bloodhound Gang album

1. Rip Taylor Is God
2. We Are The Knuckleheads
3. Legend In My Spare Time
4. B.H.G.P.S.A.
5. Mama Say
6. Kids In America
7. You´re Pretty When I´m Drunk
8. The Evils of Placenta Hustling
9. One Way
10. Shitty Record Offer
11. Go Down
12. Earlameyer The Butt Pirate
13. No Rest For The Wicked
14. She Ain´t Got No Legs
15. We Like Meat
16. Coo Coo Ca Choo
17. Rang Dang
18. Nightmare At The Apollo
19. K.I.D.S. Incorporated
20. Hidden Track


Our first major label record and also our last with founding member Daddy Long Legs. The first time we went to Columbia Records, we had two midgets dressed up as security guards, pushing around some of the suits, which probably didn´t help our chances with this evil subsidiary of Sony Music. Originally, the record was going to be done at Ruffhouse Records, but we´d just go into the studio, start playing with the Cypress Hill reels that were lying around, and tell everyone that we were working. When we finally got started, we felt certain that the record would make us rock stars. Unfortunately, the engineer on this record was usually wasted on Coors Lite by noon. Also, Columbia Records wanted a longer record than we were prepared to record. This resulted in our stirring rendition of ´Kids in America,´ and since no one in the band could sing, we brought in Robbie from Black Train Jack. Probably the coolest thing about doing the record was having Rip Taylor himself perform the opening track. He had us all laughing so hard. Many of our fans are too young to have seen him in his heyday so here´s a synopsis. Rip Taylor was a regular fixture on many Seventies television shows who became famous for throwing confetti. Another question I often get asked is about the T-shirt being worn by Nicole Brier on the front cover. The shirt doesn´t exist, the logo was added later with the aid of Photoshop. As an added bonus, the rest of the band used to tell people that the cover model was my girlfriend. But alas, she wasn´t. For the album art, the label assigned this ´guerilla´ photographer to take pictures. This basically meant that instead of having us stand still, he had us walk down the street while he ran around us in circles taking pictures. The ´crappy scribble text´ Bloodhound Gang logo on the cover is the worst one ever. It was also used on ´Dingleberry Haze.´ Samples in ´Coo Coo Ca Choo,´ ´She Ain´t Got No Legs,´ and ´One Way´ had to be replayed because Eric Clapton, The Cure, and Quincy Jones turned us down. Quincy Jones hates whitey. The Cure were especially offended that we had sampled them, sending us a fax calling the song, ´an offensive piece of garbage´ and adding that ´Robert Smith hates whitey, too.´ In fact, this record is responsible for the most cease and desist orders of our entire catalog. Other artists weren´t the only ones offended, as some of the lyrics in ´Coo Coo Ca Choo,´ ´No Rest For The Wicked,´ ´Rang Dang,´ ´We Are The Knuckleheads,´ and ´You´re Pretty When I´m Drunk´ had to be changed to keep the douche bags at Columbia Records happy. Both Evil Jared Hasselhoff and Spanky G appear on this record, despite not being official members of the band yet. On a sad note, the handclaps from ´Mama Say´ had to be removed because none of us could clap in time.

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