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I was practicing attending of church to win Gods acceptance and love and to get
enough points to go to a trip. The most influental part of my life happend when
i once was playing pasiansa card game (with myself) and i was not having a
winning results, so at one moment, what it really influenced my life was, that,
i thought about giving my soul to the dark side for winning the games better
that i did. I don't know how the game went after that, but it was not just a
thought, it was a decision i took, i decided to give my soul to the dark side. I
forgot about this event, but i had a great problems thinking and wondering about
life after death. I was uncertain, i had no hope, i felt no purpose and i felt
unnacceptable to God because of what i did and other sins. I didn't want to be
condamned. I learned not to worry that much about the issue, pushing it aside,
but from time to time it came again, making my life very tough. i wanted to talk
about that with someone, but i didn-t had enough courage to ask for help. ...All
this happened around beginning of high school... Then i came to Arena (
gathering fair for students in SLovenia) and i met nice, confident and opened
people, who were giving out free CDs to students and they invited me to come to
the weekly meeting. I thought and saw they are nice peolpe and i came to the
meeting, i came more times and i found time to open the question about salvation
or condemnation with Chuck and we had time to read a condensed material about
salvation, HOW TO HAVE PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD. I had questions, i was a
bit confused by it's simlicity. It didn't fit into what i heard in my past (
work hard or do the right things and you will get into heaven ). I couldn't
refuse the grace, it is grace and it is great to know i'm accepted by God, Jesus
100 % and i couldn't refuse to have my life yeald to Jesus, accepting Him as my
Savior and Lord of my life and i couldn't refuse to accept this gift of
salvation, meaning going to heaven after i die and not being separated from God
here on earth and eternaly. After i studied intensively about Ephesians chapter
2, verse 8 and 9 which states: "8 For it is by grace you have been saved,
through faith--and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God-- 9 not by
works, so that no one can boast. " ( NIV ), i learned Jesus died for my sins
therefore my way to heaven is thru and by Himself, not myself. I accepted GOd's
grace in faith: I prayed a prayer from my heart, i asked for forgiveness of my
sins and thanked Him for his gift, providing eternal life 4 us. After that, i
doubted if i did it right, but then i learned from Ephesians 2, verse 8 and 9:
It is a gift, so that no one can brag. It's not the words i said, but the
attitude of my heart, the whole attitude of giving my life to Jesus Christ. Just
after i accepted Christ into my life i felt freedom, less burden, peace in
myself. I wanted to know more about this new life in Him. I started to read more
about what it means to be a Christian and about Gods love and forgiveness. Now i
enjoy life much more than i did before. I'm sharing truth of hope with others,
who don't have hope and are uncertain like i was, before accepting Jesus Christ
into my life. ... If you would get a gift like this, would you keep it only to
youself ? I hope I have been able to clearly share how Jesus Christ entered my
life and has begun to change me from the inside. regards,robert

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