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embarassing - Newest pictures Animals/Nature

(¯`·._.•_«EMBARASSING MOMENTS»_•._.·´¯)

Have had a LOT of those B^)

2) I went to the cinema with my cousins A, J and K to watch "Avatar". Could say it was my first time going :-D *Last time I went I was 7* Well anyways it was intermission and me and my cousin A was going to the bathroom. I was in front so I had to open the door. Well when I was pushing the door I realized it wouldn't budge. I heard my cousin laughing behind me. . .she pass me out and pushed the door on the other side of where I was pushing. Apparently I was pushing the wall *rolls eyes* BUT that was where the sign was >B^| When we got back to our seats my cousins J and K were laughing their heads off and I guess other people saw as well >B^| Yeah I was mortified :-(

1) One time i was sitting on a desk in a class, *which was quite a bit off the ground*, with my best friend and another gal that we knew. *Who told me to sit on that desk*. As i was getting off the desk, I realized the desk was coming with me 2. Me and the desk ended up on the floor. *A good thing it was only the 3 of us in the room* If there was more people I WOULD HAVE BEEN MORTIFIED.
WARNING: Don't sit on desks. Sit in chairs. That was what they were made for. B-)
NOW i want 2 hear your embarassing moments ;-)

lmfao...sis thnx for the laugh :-D i could just picture it & the look on ya face...PRICELESS
01.05.2010 23:10 EDT,
Oh,in my life there are so much that i can shoot a movie:-) onec after a lot of exams my friend said that we need to relax a bit she made something like party at her home her parents went out and her mother said to look after Kittie, I didn't know who's Kittie but then i found out that it's their cat which her mother loved more than everything after a hour i asked where is Kittie my friend started to look around as a mad but she couldn't find her she was so frigtned that we all started to search her during the whole party we were just looking for a cat after 2 hours we found her in the loo *do...
03.04.2010 01:47 EDT,
I have them frequently too many 2 mention lol
02.04.2010 14:07 EDT,
i have many lol, too embarrasing for me to say here, tho :o :)
02.04.2010 13:39 EDT,
when i was in class 8,i had taken part in debate,i had spend 1 whole week preparing for it.and on the debate day when i got on the stage and looked at the audience,i had forgotten my speech,i tried 1 min to recollect it.after that my teacher said "thank u".it very embarrassing.
22.10.2009 10:50 EDT,
Sumtymz i cn b sucha klutz... My 2 mst recent mortifyn momentz were wn i wnt slidin dwn a walkway on my ass in a public mall on a sat morn! N wn i startd my 1st day at college.. My cooldrink exploded al ova my pantz.. N it lukd lyk i peed myslf!! *cringe*
25.06.2009 18:14 EDT,
Lmao! Wth a brush? Must of mistakin it 4 mrs. Squirrells tail lol!
22.01.2009 01:53 EST,
Was so drunk one night had sex with a brush :-( thought it was another squirrel. P.s was best night ever
20.01.2009 08:15 EST,
That way, its Funny. wish i was ther.
31.10.2008 22:36 EDT,
Whn i was 15 me & my sista wnt swimming i had my new bathing suit b 4 leavn my mum saids double tie da top i didnt while playn marco polo my top came off i noticed aftr i got out da water! Lesson mums alwys rite! I was mortified lol xx
01.10.2008 02:15 EDT,
My 1st day at a new job i got stuck in the loo :-( the door wud't open :-( i was there for hours :-( lesson? Well for me DONT LOCK LOO DOOR? Lol
26.09.2008 14:57 EDT,
Lol shame, bt thanx 4 da advise thou! I hadnt had a embarrasin moment 4 a lng tym! Im tryin 2 think of 1 i had jst cnt rememba it prob bcoz it was embarrasin dat i 4got bout it lol!
26.09.2008 10:18 EDT,
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