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peeves - Newest pictures

PET PEEVES»_•._.·´¯)

I have heard your embarassing moments :-) Now I would like 2 hear yàll pet peeves. If you do not understand what pet peeves mean?! Then I would like 2 know what p!sses u off :-) If i aint hear 1 embarassing moment from u guys please do so before ya leave >B^| :-)

My pet peeves are.....
1)Not getting a connection for a whole day sometimes 2 days pun a stretch (the following day after) :-/ Would lose muh brain if it was any more than that >B^|
2)Getting a PM saying "I have just voted u 10 points now please vote me...." What do i care if u vote me. I dont even vote 4 meself LMAOROFL dat y'all business NOT mine >B^|
my pet peeve is when my house mates stomp around the house and slam doors either waaaaay too early in the morning or after midnight (when pplz supposed t0 be sleeping) !
26.01.2010 04:31 EST,
i hate beggers here. the worst part of it is the sickly "please, please, PLEASE". . . omg, get a grip!
09.10.2009 16:34 EDT,
Here's a guarantee, if u appear in recently modified, then y'all would have got "vote my site 10 points, I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever forget U, its my request"!!! WTF??? yeah I went ova tha score with tha "evers" lol
06.05.2009 22:34 EDT,
An yeah WTF is with that "Hi dear" nonsense, I aree with Outlaw, I could come 'ere every day 4 a year n still come bak! (4 REAL)
06.05.2009 22:26 EDT,
Oi Bonx pal u seen my "WHY" page? d:) lmao
06.05.2009 22:19 EDT,
When ur friends are better friends with ur bitter enemy :(
26.02.2009 19:40 EST,
People who copy others constantly
26.02.2009 09:52 EST,
friendship requests from unknowns, I know that sounds mean, but hey, its "chat" not "pm" aaannnnd getting a pm while ur trying to chat from some1 that u don't know that says "hi dear" WTF?? u can't say hi dear in the f'n room? good grief!! eeesshh, I could probably stay her peeving all day......don't get me started.......
25.02.2009 01:00 EST,
"i love you now show me ur tits!" lmfao!
24.02.2009 16:23 EST,
Was pulling ur leg there :-) that is ANOTHER pet peeve the ppl begging 4 votes!
19.02.2009 12:56 EST,
. . . . friend can u vote TEN 4 me?
18.02.2009 14:41 EST,
People that finish evry sentence wth...u knw wat i mean so annoying!
18.02.2009 00:56 EST,
Oops 4got to say : infantile and spiteful people!
12.02.2009 13:51 EST,
MTN which is my network and is forever DOWN :-(
12.02.2009 13:40 EST,

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